8 easy ways to beautify your home in Qatar with professional household services

8 easy ways to beautify your home in Qatar with professional household services

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A home is much more than a place to store your stuff. It’s your haven, your escape and your shelter from everything. A cosy, relaxing abode reflects on your state of mind and it’s hence important to beautify it in every way you can. 

Whether it’s a fancy mirror or a flashy chandelier, there are plenty of products in the market you can incorporate into your living space. A nice new tech gadget can have as much of a positive effect on your home as an antique artifact that adds an element of sophistication.

Aside from curios and other decorative items, you can even opt for things like false ceilings, big storage units, furnishings and so on. If you’re not sure where to get started, we’re here to help. Browse the Qatar Living website to find household service professionals, abundantly available at your disposal in Doha.

Read on for some great ways to make your house a home.

Go for custom-made furniture 

Furniture is important in determining the look and feel of your home. An expensive piece of furniture may look lavish in the store but it might not suit your space. That recliner sofa at your friend’s place might be tempting, but it could look bulky and/or out of place at your house. A carpenter can help you understand how a piece of furniture would sit in your space before you buy it. They can analyse the room, its components and where they are placed, and then construct the furniture in a shape and style that suits the room. 

The main challenge in keeping your home clean is the storing of various household items. Some people have a habit of buying beautiful furniture and artifacts but after a point, it just becomes clutter. Make sure everything you buy has a proper place in your house, and not just something to pile on top of the others, however beautiful it looks. A great way to sort this out is with big storage units such as built-in closets. Carpenters can customise these too, and make sure all the dead space in your house such as the space below the stairs or the secluded niche between two rooms is well utilised.

Custom Furniture - Qatar Living

New paint, polish and wallpapers  

Giving the walls a fresh coat of paint or a new wallpaper is a straightforward and cost-effective way to improve the look and feel of your home. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for a new colour or the existing one, repainting always brings about a fresh and exciting feel.

Experiment with accent walls, which are an excellent way of expressing your personality or of giving your home a much-needed pop of colour. Given that an accent wall can be quite impactful through the color contrast, texture or imagery, it allows the freedom to easily transform the space in each room so that you can create the space that you want: cozy, relaxing, serene, energetic or bold.

So tap into the experience and the abundance of ideas painters and decorators have. They will not only present you with an entire palette of color swatches, textures and wallpaper models, but they will make sure that the wall decorations and paint will sync with the furnishings in the room. The result? A happy customer with a beautiful wall, or walls.

Bedroom with Accent Wall

Curtains and upholstery

Curtains, carpets and upholstery are an important part of how your home looks and makes you feel. Aside from keeping them clean, you can elevate your space with some new custom-made upholstery. If you can’t buy it, make it.

In Qatar, blackout curtains are preferable since they can block 90 percent of the light and act as filters for UV rays. Sheer curtains are always an elegant addition to the room and can look great as complementary pieces to the blackout curtains. If you prefer that light passes through the curtains, consider vertical blinds or Roman blinds. Whichever you choose, they will be made to measure and perfectly fitted by professionals and, to be in line with the latest trends and treat yourself to some technological convenience, you can opt for a motorized fitting system. 

Once your new curtains are in place, what do you do with that old sofa which now seems to break the harmony? Here too, you can hire professionals, to help with the reupholstering of your existing furniture. Not only will they find the best match for your new interior, but they will give a new life to your pre-loved items, which can continue to serve you and bring you joy in your newly redecorated home.

Sheer Curtains and Blackouts - Qatar Living

Gypsum decorations

Decorative gypsum works can do wonders to the look of your rooms. False ceilings with custom lighting can transform a room and expert household services can do that in a matter of hours. Gypsum decoration can also be used with mirrors and lights to great effect and they are the design element of choice to infuse your home with some Oriental vibes.

Gypsum Decor Qatar

Wall and floor tiles and fixtures

Once you have taken care of each room in your house, having created the welcoming and comforting spaces you need, turn your attention to the two spots that are just as important as all the other rooms: the kitchen and the washroom.

Here you are likely to see the transformative power of another type of material, and in the hands of decorators, it can bring new life to the space it is added to: tiles. With a wide range of textures, colors, shapes, or patterns, floor and wall tiles form incredible combinations, allowing you to invite the whole world into your house. Explore with blue-patterned tiles to let Portuguese vibrancy take over your kitchen, create a spa-like experience by decorating your washroom in a simple and minimalistic way, or style your house in an Oriental way with mosaic tiles in lively colors. 

Whatever you choose, execution is key. There are plenty of professionals offering their tile installation services, so make sure you check the available offers and pick one that suits you best.

Kitchen Wall with Tiles Qatar - Qatar Living

Don’t leave anything broken that can be fixed

A home will often have faulty stuff like a leaky tap or faucet, a kitchen sink that’s not functioning properly, a loose doorknob or a creaky couch. It might not hinder your daily life, but the secret of a beautiful home is in fixing it all whenever it goes wrong. You might not be able to fix it all by yourself, but you can find the right people if you search on Qatar Living.

Keep your home clean and tidy 

The most important thing to do if you want a beautiful home is to keep it clean all the time. The floor, ceiling, walls, window sills, all must be dust-free before you even think of beautifying your home. Professionals and working couples with kids aren’t always able to find time to clean the house, but there are plenty of cleaning services in the city to help them. The real beauty of a home lies in the happiness of the people who live there, and keeping it clean surely helps.

Things you can do yourself

Household services can help you in several ways and beautify your space, but there are plenty of things you can do yourself too. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Lampshades and mirrors

Lampshades and mirrors (or lampshades in front of mirrors) can drastically improve the look of your rooms, especially the living area, and it won’t cost you a fortune. You can easily pick a great lamp that will enhance your space with soft light and a cosy feel, with mirrors accentuating it and making your home look stunning.

Ornamental plants

Live plants, especially green ones, add freshness to your home and you can’t really obtain that from anything else. A nice plant or two in the room always gives it a classy touch, especially in these times of working from home and videoconferencing.  While choosing plants make sure they are suitable for growing indoors and don’t come with any health hazards.

Waterbody or aquarium 

A waterbody can give a home, especially an independent house or villa, another dimension, but space-wise that would be too much of a luxury for most apartments. However, it is easy to set an aquarium in any home which can lift the mood of its inhabitants, especially children. Aquariums do not cost much and are easy to maintain. You can also look at purchasing a small, motorized fountain or waterbody that won’t take up too much space but will make your home special with soothing sounds of flowing water.


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