5 reasons why you should work in Qatar

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Living in Qatar or planning to move to the country? Whichever category you belong to, this article is for you—especially if you are looking for a job.

Qatar not only offers plenty of career opportunities, it also boasts a plethora of perks, making it a great place to work.

In fact, it has an impressive employment rate at present. The number of employed persons in the Gulf state increased to 2,329,133 in the third quarter of 2017 from a low record of 310, 291 in the fourth quarter of 2001.

These figures only evidenced that there’s something great about the country that makes nationals and expats choose to work here.

So whether you’re a resident or thinking of working in Qatar, we’ve got your back! We listed down five reasons on why you should take a job in one of the world’s richest nations.

1. Hospitable Culture

Qataris are known for being hospitable. They are very welcoming to all nationalities and don’t take offence when a non-Qatari wears the national dress. 


2. Tax-Exempt Salary

In Qatar, you can say yes to a tax-exempt salary. No wonder so many expatriates find the country as an ideal employment destination. It doesn’t demand employees to give a fair share of their income to the Qatari Government. Every worker can earn a good salary without being taxed on income.


3. Peaceful Environment

Concerned about the social security of your family? Worry not—because Qatar is a safe haven! All citizens can peacefully enjoy their lives because of the low crime rate, and studies attest to this. The country still sustains its position as one of the safest countries across the globe.


4. Modern and Lavish Lifestyle

With the combined benefit of untaxed salary and safety, there’s no reason not to put down Qatar on the list. Residents can have a tax-free lifestyle and explore the state’s cultural heritage, history, and different tourist spots! Not to mention the fancy hotels and sumptuous food.


5. Well-Resourced Healthcare System

Aside from being touted as the world’s safest country, Qatar is likewise rated by the World Health Organization as the 44th well-funded healthcare system worldwide. Its hospitals offer state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies. However, there are also public hospitals and clinics that are accessible to Qataris and expatriates.


We hope this info has helped you. If you are currently planning to look for a job, feel free to comment in the article or browse through www.qatarliving.com/jobs.

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By S.V• 11 months 11 hours ago.

1. Qataris are the best in the region. The majority are humble, mannered, very well-educated, fun and just amazing people.

2. Tax exempt really makes things easier

3. Doha is one of the most secure and safe places in the world, if I am not mistaken Doha is ranked in the top 10, practically children go to malls and friends on their own at night, it is very common to ladies having a walk very late at night. If you forget your belongings, it is normal to find them where one left them.

4. Accommodation in many areas is fresh, new and extremely modern the atmosphere is just phenomenal

5. With the opening on of the Sidra research Centre and the expansion of Hamad Hospital, Qatar is definitely on the top chart where it comes to healthcare.

By Lakshan SJ• 11 months 12 hours ago.
Lakshan SJ

#3 - (x) Doubt. I met so many rude ppl while cycling. One guy got angry for nothing and did a high kick. Good thing it didnt hit me.

By b_sut• 11 months 19 hours ago.

yes, well said, but not so many job in qatar anymore. many people lost his job recently and demobilized sadly

By Anon123• 11 months 1 day ago.

Half of the information here is true.

1. Yeah I can somewhat agree they are hospitable.

2. "Every worker can earn a good salary without being taxed on income." (Good Salary) I'm earning less in this country and this is coming from a (white collar worker). So if they'll add tax to a meager salary, then nothing will be left.

3. Safest (just don't include the roads and it's definitely safe except for Asians)

4. Modern and Lavish (some parts, yes). If the word lavish is being used, I think of DXB.

5. Don't have a health card so yeah, I don't have any idea about this HealthCare system here.

All in all, Qatar is still a good place to work.

By junaidqt• 11 months 1 day ago.

100% true. Salute to Qatar and lots of love. Allah may bless them for doing a great job.

By Mohammed Sulthan• 11 months 1 day ago.
Mohammed Sulthan


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