Top 5 Reasons to live in Lusail City, Qatar

Top 5 Reasons to live in Lusail City, Qatar

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Lusail city also known as Qatar’s Future City is a planned city that will have marinas, modern residential areas, island resorts, commercial districts, luxury shopping, and leisure facilities, a golf course community, man-made islands, and several entertainment districts.

Currently, Lusail City represents a modern alternative to The Pearl where rental prices are slightly more affordable but the wondrous features never cease to amaze. We have jotted down 5 good reasons to live in Lusail city of Qatar: 

Lusail Marina Promenade 

Lusail Marina Promenade is an impressive walkway at a stretch of 12 km. Bound by the sea on one side and the glittering buildings of Lusail on the other, the walkway offers a great experience for an evening stroll or a morning walk. The marina promenade comes alive at night with dancing water fountains decorated with colorful lights, a favorite attraction of kids and adults alike. The promenade also overlooks the yacht club, the Katara Towers, and the lagoon with stunning turquoise waters. 

The promenade also accommodates cycling paths and areas for electric scooters and skaters. You will spot plenty of benches along the way and green areas where you can relax in the shade of palm trees. You will also find cafes like Teatime, LAP Coffee & Ministry of Coffee along your way. The12km path is equipped with male & female prayer places,  public toilets, and numerous parking spaces and is accessible by three Lusail tram stations. 

Restaurants, Cafes & Food Arena

The Marina food arena proves itself to be a great place to visit for yummy burgers, Arabic traditional food spots, ice cream or simply a coffee. The arena offers a variety of food trucks and container boxes selling some of Qatar’s favorite food brands. It's basically a drive-in that is well managed as there is a circuit that helps the traffic flow. But you can also sit in the small outdoor areas of each place.

Apart from the food arena, Lusail is home to some amazing cafes and restaurants when it comes to breathtaking views, beautiful and unique interiors, and an overall vibe that you won't find in Doha. These eateries are present in different residential and commercial towers. For example, the Marina Twin Towers with their attractive architecture has some cafes that live up to anyone’s beautiful expectations. Click here to have a look at some amazing cafes in the towers.

Entertainment & Leisure 

Lusail city is full of entertainment and activity places for kids and adults. Green parks like the Crescent park, Doha sports park, Doha Golf Club, Lusail Shooting range, and Lusail go karting circuit

Lusail City will be home to Al Maha Island which will be an exciting entertainment and leisure destination and a hotspot for Qatar tourism. The island is located near the Place Vendome mall. The island will also feature the much anticipated Doha Winter Wonderland, a 93,000 m2 theme park that will be open from November to March of every year. It will include six gaming areas with 50 amusement rides including 10 thrill rides with a 395-roller coaster, 25 family rides with a giant 150 ft Ferris Wheel, and 15 children’s rides. The park will also include carnival games, an ice rink and kiosks serving a wide selection of food and beverage options.

Al Maha Island will also feature Nammos Beach Club, a high end district comprising 6 of the best internationally acclaimed restaurants. 

Seafront hotels and Residential towers 

When you decide to make Lusail city your home in Qatar the best thing you’ll experience are scenic surroundings. The apartment towers in the city are located in several modern towers that have high-end amenities: swimming pools, gyms, and children’s play areas. The city has around 22 hotels with international star ratings and residential towers boasting seafront balconies with views of the very vibrant Lusail promenade. Each of Lusail’s districts features an array of residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail destinations, with schools, a university, mosques, medical facilities, as well as sports, entertainment, and shopping centers. 

Lighter Traffic

The sustainable city Lusail aims to reduce and replace road usage by vehicles with the Lusail tram line which will act as a green component of the city. The Lusail Tram is central to the transportation infrastructure of Lusail City, one of the largest and most ambitious real estate development projects being undertaken in the Middle East and North Africa region. When fully operational, the tram will cover almost all the residential and commercial developments in Lusail City. Developments like Al Manazel, Al Erkyah, Energy City North, South Fox Hills, North Fox Hills, Fox Hills Park, Lusail Towers, and others will be easily accessible by the tram. This will decrease the chances of meeting traffic congestion around the city. Click here to know more about the Lusail Tram. 

Lusail city is also home to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Stadium: the Lusail Iconic Stadium. The city is accessible by Doha Metro via Lusail Metro Station (Red Line) and the Lusail Orange Tram line is currently operating within the city. Lusail is on our list of top ten most popular places to live in Qatar, click here to know more about living in the city. Also, if you wish to look for properties in Lusail, click here.


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By fgrealty7• 12 Jul 2022 12:58

Lusail City is a modern, luxurious and practical residential area in Qatar. It is a natural extension of Doha city and a very attractive location for residents and tourists. Its modern city architecture explains why it is among the best areas to live in Qatar.


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