Her Highness Sheikha Moza honors the winners of QF’s Akhlaquna Award

Her Highness Sheikha Moza honors the winners of QF’s Akhlaquna Award

By QLNews

HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Qatar Foundation, has honored the 2023 winners of the Akhlaquna Award and the Akhlaquna Junior Award, at a special ceremony in Education City.

Qatar Foundation’s (QF) Akhlaquna initiative recognizes those who exemplify good moral character and strong values, and who develop projects that bring benefit to their communities, with the latest recipients of the award being recognized on a dedicated Akhlaquna Day, at a ceremony also attended by Her Excellency Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani, Vice Chairperson and CEO of Qatar Foundation. 

This year, two new award categories have been launched under Akhlaquna, the Initiative Award and the Akhlaquna Appreciation Award. Shikha Al-Subai, a content creator who combined art and morals through drawings, Ibrahim Al Bashri, who presents storytelling with a moral impact for children in innovative and varied ways, and Al-Nawar Al-Thani, for her initiative that aims to thank workers by providing them with meals and messages of gratitude, received the Initiative Award. 

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Janahi, Chief of Pediatric Chest Diseases, Sidra Medicine, received the Akhlaquna Appreciation Award for his ethical leadership in the field of society and work, with all winners being presented with their accolades by Her Highness Sheikha Moza. The new awards are designed to celebrate inspiring individuals and initiatives that promote positive change in society. 

Al-Nawar Al-Thani said: "I am deeply honored to receive the Akhlaquna Best Initiative Award. Through my initiative, I aspire to spread gratitude and embody the virtues of humility and thankfulness. It is my belief that by practicing these morals, we can foster a stronger sense of unity, compassion, and appreciation within our society, making it a better place for everyone.”

“This recognition strengthens my commitment to promoting these values and inspiring positive change in our community." 

The winner of the Akhlaquna Award for 2023 is the student-led initiative “Asehaa”, developed by Al Dana Al Sulaiti, Amna Al Hammadi, Alanoud Al Matwi, Shikha Alanood Ahmed AlThani, Leen Alabdulrazzak, and Haya Weal. Their project aims to raise awareness about eating disorders in the community and encourage people with such disorders to seek support.

Amna Al Hammadi, 18, one of the members of the Asehaa team, said: "Our initiative initially started as an idea among us. However, our school supervisor encouraged us to participate in the Akhlaquna Award, aiming to raise awareness about this issue among all members of our community. 

“The overwhelming happiness we felt upon learning that our project was selected as one of the top three qualified projects is truly indescribable. Today, our hard work and dedication have reached a pinnacle, as we are honored by a remarkable female figure whom we deeply admire and emulate. 

"While we are immensely grateful for this recognition and the rewards it brings, our ultimate fulfillment lies in making a positive impact on society, even if it means helping just one person through our initiative.”  

Maryam Hassan Al-Hajri, Director of Partnerships within the Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships department of QF’s Pre-University Education, said, “These awards will promote the values of the Ethics Award and inspire individuals to become active and aware citizens in their communities.”

“By highlighting individual contributions and inspiring stories, we aim to spread the spirit of initiative and leadership in community service. Celebrating accomplished personalities through the Role Model Award will motivate the younger generation as they begin their practical careers.”

“We envision the winners of these awards as ambassadors of ethics for Qatar. Beyond winning the award, we will establish a strong network to enable ongoing initiatives and collaboration. Through this network, winners will make a positive impact on their communities and support one another in their endeavors.” 

Meanwhile, the Akhlaquna Junior award winners in the category for those aged 7-9 years were Mehdi Nasser Al-Sharshani of Qatar Academy Al Wakra ; Mariam Hamad Al-Qahtani of Tariq Bin Ziad School ; Aisha Mubarak Al-Minkhas of Al Andalus Girls School ; and Saleh Ahmed Al-Muhannadi of Ali bin Abdulla Model School . 

In the category for those aged 10-11 years, the Akhlaquna Junior award winners were: Sabah Bekhit Al-Nuaimi of Qatar Academy Al Khor ; Ghalya Saoud Darwish Fakhroo of Qatar Academy Doha ; Mariam Ahmed Al-Anqar of Qatar Academy Al Wakra; Al-Jawhara Abdulaziz Al-Shammari of Al-Nahda Primary School for Girls ; and Kholoud Muhammad Al-Harami of Al Arqam Academy for Girls were named as the winners; while in the ages of 12-14 category, Ghanim Muhammad Al-Binali of Voltaire French School ; Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Hail of Qatar Academy Al Khor ; and Muhammad Ali Al-Hail of Abdulla bin Ali Al Misned Preparatory School.


Sabah Bekhit Al-Nuaimi , 9-year-old, said: "With my family's support, I'm thrilled to have achieved this milestone after two years of working on various initiatives that benefit our community. Through these projects, I learned about the value of tolerance and the significance of promoting peace in society. I hope to be an influential person and a role model for my friends and siblings." 

Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Hail, a 13-year-old, expressed his joy and gratitude upon receiving the honor, stating, "I am truly happy and grateful for this recognition today. I take great pride in being an ambassador, aspiring to make a positive difference in society. Morals play a crucial role in our lives, and it is our duty to embrace them and inspire others to follow suit." 

In 2024, the Akhlaquna Award will introduce a new category for nominations, specifically for individuals from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. In 2025, the award will further expand with a category dedicated to institutions.

Established in 2017, by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Qatar Foundation, Akhlaquna reinforces the idea that knowledge and morality are intertwined, highlighting the timeless and universal values exhibited by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – mercy, tolerance, honesty, and generosity – and aiming to influence and drive positive behavioral change in society. Akhlaquna Junior celebrates children and young people from schools in Qatar who embody strong values and empower others to adopt them.


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