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'100 days of blockade' exhibit unveiled at Doha Fire Station

By QLReporter

In a series of five arresting artworks, the Doha Fire Station revealed its ‘100 days of blockade’ exhibit as the blockade reached its centenary mark.

Not long ago, the Doha Fire Station invited artists as part of Qatar Museum’s (QM) ‘100 days of blockade’ art initiative to document the illegal blockade of Qatar through the eyes of both Qatari and non-Qatari residents. The idea was for them to illustrate their “honest view” of how the blockade has affected them from when it started to its 100th day. 

Five were ultimately selected to showcase their work on the facade of the Doha Fire Station’s building. The artists selected were Assil Diab, Ali Al Kuwari, Dimitrje Bugarski, Mubarak Al Malik and Thamer Mesfer. 

Graffiti was the medium chosen for the public exhibition. The recent phenomenon of the Tamil Al Majd portrait is a testament to the power of graffiti and public art as a tool of social and political activism. The exhibition reflects this power and the surge of support that the blockade created among Qatar’s residents. 


Photo courtesy: Qatar Museums

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