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Make 2018 a year to remember and try something new and different every week (or every second week if you’d rather). Here at QL we’ve compiled a list of must-tries for anyone living or staying in this wonderful country, or anywhere really, for the next few months. 


Week 17 (May 2 to 8)

If you are a superhero movie freak, then it does not get bigger than this. Thanos, arch nemesis of the Avengers, has finally be unleashed in the Infinity War movie. The film is easily THE most eagerly anticipated flick of the year.


Week 18 (May 9 to 15)

Go on a long drive to the north of Qatar and see for yourself the splendid Al Zubara Fort. It is gorgeous to look at and it will deeply satisfy the historian in you. There are a lot of excavations going on here and it is nothing short of impressive.


Week 19 (May 16 to 22)

Kick off the month of Ramadan by visiting one of Qatar's many Ramadan tents. You won't be disappointed, iftar and suhoor are on a grand scale and meant for everyone to enjoy!


Week 20 (May 23 to 29)

If you are a club football fan, this is THE match to watch in the entire season. The UEFA Champions League Final, which will be played in Kiev, Ukraine on May 26, will give bragging rights to one club for being the best in the world. Grab your friends and watch as a group. It’s much better that way.



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By Molten Metal• 3 months 2 weeks ago.
Molten Metal

Well planed year, I appreciate it from the core of my heart.........

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