ACD Meeting in Doha to boost cooperation among member countries

ACD Meeting in Doha to boost cooperation among member countries

By QLNews

Qatar has made it abundantly clear that despite the blockade its ability to organize some of the most significant events for the region and the world remains unbeatable.

The success of the 140th Assembly of the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) held in Doha last month speaks volumes in this regard.

At present, Qatar is hosting the 16th ministerial meeting of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD), a continent-wide forum and the first of its kind in Asia that brings together top officials from 34 member states to engage in dialogue and devise project ideas pivoted on mutual cooperation.

A number of delegations participating in the ACD, which commenced yesterday and will run until May 2, have stressed the importance of the current session in strengthening collaboration among member countries to address the current challenges facing Asia.

Yesterday, HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani also met with the heads of delegations that have gathered in Qatar to attend the 16th Ministerial meeting of the ACD. A dinner banquet was accorded to the visiting officials.

Regarding the ACD meeting in Doha, Kuwait’s Assistant Foreign Minister for Asian Affairs Ali Sulaiman Al Saeed underlined its importance, saying that it was an important occasion to realize what has been lost during the past period and to solve some of the problems in the ACD process.

He noted the efforts exerted by Qatar during the past period to support the success of the ACD, stressing his confidence in Qatar leading this dialogue during its current presidency.

"Qatar is carrying out important activities in support of the Asian dialogue, and it is not surprising that Qatar has undertaken these effective diplomatic initiatives to support the process of cooperation among Asian countries," he noted.

The Kuwaiti minister said the meeting will discuss the Doha Declaration, which will be issued Wednesday at the end of the ministerial meeting.

The declaration would reflect the needs of the ACD countries, he added.

The head of economic affairs at the Foreign Ministry of Oman Yahya Abdullah Al Arimi said the conference serves as a platform for dialogue among Asian countries to further increase cooperation in six different, pre-approved areas.

"We expect that the Doha meeting will produce tangible results that serve the countries and peoples of the region,” he is quoted to have said by Gulf Times.

The Director General for Economic Affairs at the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the meeting of senior officials prior to the 16th ACD ministerial meeting was very productive and will pave the way for increased support between the member countries across different areas.

"We will see what can be done in the future, especially as Turkey will assume the chair of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue at the next session."

He expressed confidence that the current session, chaired by Qatar, will be unique and successful.

The meeting of senior officials of ACD member states began yesterday in Doha to finalize the agenda for the 16th ministerial meeting to be held today under the chairmanship of Qatar.

Speaking at the opening session, HE the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr Ahmed bin Hassan Al Hammadi said these meetings are aimed at continuing co-operation and deepening ties to promote the objectives of the ACD, stressing that Qatar would work to ensure that the current session would encourage the process of joint action by member states.


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