Airfares to some destinations are expected to go up during holiday season

By QLNews

As every year, airfares in the country are expected to go up to certain sectors, especially in the subcontinent, as the summer break begins in all earnestness.

Travel industry experts expect airfares to certain destinations to more than double by June-end as most schools and colleges will shut down on June 22, reported Gulf Times.

The peak summer travel season normally runs between end of June until the beginning of September, when schools re-open. Travel to some places are going to be a lot more expensive this time around.

A return economy class ticket to Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala will cost nearly QR5,000 (travel dates of June 25 and September 1). The same was available for almost half the price until a few weeks ago. A similar ticket to Kochi during the same timeframe will cost QR5,100.

Economy class passengers will have to shell out more than QR3,000 to fly directly to Colombo in Sri Lanka and back during the period. Karachi tickets in economy class have been priced at more than QR1,750 during this time frame.

However, fares to Europe and the US have not gone up significantly this year due to the current situation in the GCC region.

Economy class seats are available for London in the UK for fares starting from QR3,800. Paris, another favourite holiday destination, is now available for nearly QR3,200. Return economy class fares to New York have been quoted at around QR4,800.

While many people had feared plane schedules would be disrupted due to the ongoing blockade, things have been quite calm on that front. Qatar Airways reported all its international flights to be flying without issues.

Despite the laptop ban that came into effect a few months ago, Qatar Airways recently announced that its profits had surged in 2017.

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