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Al Fazaa to expand smart police car fleet in Qatar

By QLReporter

The ongoing GCC Traffic Week activities at Darb Al Saai attracted thousands of visitors, and they witnessed the latest equipment on display by different entities.

One of the prominent attractions was the Al Fazaa pavilion which showcases many tools used for security purposes such as the smart police car which is used at large scale public events and in malls.

“We have used this small car where normal patrols cannot enter and go around due to the size and nature of the venue. This vehicle is very small and convenient to be used at any place,” a representative at the Al Fazaa pavilion told The Peninsula.

“We have been using this vehicle for the past two years and it has helped us in many situations. When we receive a complaint and reach the site immediately due to the size of the vehicle. We initially introduced around 15 vehicles and increased the number due to the need. These smart cars function with a battery which can last for seven to eight hours”, he added.

Other things which were on display at the pavilion includes equipment used to chase vehicles and the device is use to shred the four tires, according to The Peninsula.

Another small device acts as a control room. It is used to trace fingerprints. If a person is caught without an ID and gives misleading information, the officials can record the fingerprints of the person immediately and obtain correct information.  Also in case if a person gets assaulted at the residence and calls for help officials can trace the home number and reach the place as the device is linked to GPS.  

The booth of Medical Services Department at the Ministry of Interior at Darb Al Saai conducts eye tests and blood sugar screening for visitors.  

“Every day our pavilion at Darb Al Saai provides free tests to more than 130 visitors, in addition to free consultation and awareness, especially about diabetes,” said Alaa Mohamed Al Ashar at the pavilion.  “The problem with people is that they don’t do routine tests for common diseases. Many visitors here inquire us about diabetes, obesity and eye problems problems,” he added.

The 33rd GCC Traffic Week inaugurated on at Darb El Saai with an aim to create awareness among all road users about traffic safety. The event is held under the theme ‘Your Life is a Trust’ encouraging people to take care of themselves and be safe on road.

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Hi Richard Cranium,

what i mean to say here is, the below commenters can only say the words, but doesnt have enough guys to do what they say.

"talk the talk but not walk the walk"

By Richard Cranium• 1 year 2 months ago.
Richard Cranium

Hello to the_rogue, what are you trying to say? if one can talk the talk, why would they walk the talk..just not sure what that means.

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Sense Mine

got yah!

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all you commenters can do is just talk the talk, but not walk the talk.

By shafqat-hayat• 1 year 2 months ago.


Let's play a real road rash... will see how they gonna catch us or could shred our tyres... give them a try...!

By muad-db• 1 year 2 months ago.

This is good news for us all .... we feel safe

By britexpat• 1 year 2 months ago.

The device used to shred tyres sounds interesting .. Wonder when / where they use it

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