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From smart technology to tailor-made services, Vodafone Qatar has been changing the rules of the game for the past ten years.

One of its most popular innovations to date has been FLEX - a simple way to use data or make calls based on individual preferences. The best thing about FLEX? It puts each customer in the front seat, allowing them to take charge of their own mobile plan like a boss.

How? Check out the top 3 recommendations for how you can use the innovative plan!

1. Be a Boss with full control

Do you know the frustration of receiving a gift card or reward points and not being able to use them because they can only be used for something specific, and as a consumer of the 21st century you like to keep your options open?

It’s kind of the same thing with mobile services.

Well, problem solved! With Vodafone Qatar’s Flex, you get a set of ‘flex’ (points) which you can use to get data, make local or international calls & SMSs. You can use Flex any way you want and for whichever service you prefer.

Why? Because you are in total control of your allowance and can use it however you want. With Vodafone you Flex like a boss.

2. Be a Boss and don’t lose what you don’t use

Look, there are times when the social butterfly in you has you making calls, updating your Instagram and texting your loved ones every minute of the day. On other occasions, you can barely touch your phone because you are in and out of work meetings all day, in class or even running errands!

So, what happens to that unused Flex? Are you going to let it disappear into thin air, lost and forgotten forever?

Of course not, because with Flex you get a chance to take it forward.

Whether you are on Vodafone Qatar’s post-paid plans or their prepaid ones, you can carry forward unused flex balances! If you have postpaid plans, your unused Flex will be forwarded automatically, and if you are a prepaid plan user, then you can carry forward unused flex balance by recharging with Flex recharge before expiry of current flex credit.

Why? Because you are the boss of how not to lose what you paid for.

3. Be the Boss of how much you spend on mobile

So, you have accidently stumbled on an “Best of the 80s” music playlist. Look, it happens, we don’t judge. All we are saying is that once you are there, you are there for good and saying, “I think I was born in the wrong era” won’t help cut down that monthly data bill you racked up.
Or maybe 80’s music isn’t your thing, and you consumed more than your bundle allows because you spent it trying to explain to an online vendor that your order hasn’t arrived yet.

Fear not, there's a solution.

With Flex plans, you can control your bill by setting up a limit beyond your monthly rental. Every Flex plan has a spend limit feature which means you can control the maximum amount you can spend above your monthly bundle, once the Flex in your plan finishes.

Why? Because you’re the boss of your budget and can set a worry-free tab on spends.

With Vodafone get ready to Flex like a boss in Qatar.

As part of Vodafone Qatar’s newly launched campaign “Flex Like A Boss”, customers who join Flex 100 as part of their Postpaid plan get 2 GB data free every month for 6 months, customers who join Flex 150 get 4 GB data free every month for 6 months and customers who join Flex 200 get 8 GB data free every month for 6 months. This promotion is valid until 3 December 2018.

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By eks• 1 month 3 weeks ago.

Worst customer service and eat all our money doing nothing . I am writing this comment because I have given for a migration of my Vodafone number to my wife ID from my ID from last August 2018 . Taking my money Qr.50 charge for transferring Vodafone has not done done that job until now saying many reasons . I don’t know how much time I called customer service and gone many outlets and issue is now also not solved.

By encroft• 2 months 1 week ago.

I like when telecom giants like to muddy the water and make understanding rates as clear as mud.

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