Exchange houses in Qatar warn public about pickpocketing menace

By QLCrime

Many exchange houses in Qatar have started warning customers about the menace of pickpocketing in their vicinity in order to avoid any loss of money, reported local media.

Many exchange houses see a peak in pickpocketing incidents during the weekends, when a large number of people arrive to do transactions, reported Gulf Times.

The newspaper said that several people had come forward talking about their bad experiences near money exchange houses.

It is understood that most of the complaints originate from the Al Ghanim area and the Najma-Mansoura-Bin Dirham belt. Besides Doha, exchanges in Al Khor also see huge crowds during weekends.

One exchange in the city has put up a board warning customers to be more careful during visits.

“Those who’re robbed of their wallets not only lose cash but also vital items such as ID, debit and credit cards, driving licences, etc,” said a source. Recently, incidents involving ‘spitting and robbing’ have also been on the rise.

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