GCC citizens react after envoys pulled from Qatar

By QatarNews

GCC citizens in Qatar have launched a campaign on Twitter with a hashtag titled “we are all ambassadors in Qatar”,  expressing solidarity with the Qatari people and government.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar, claiming that Doha had not implemented an agreement among Gulf Arab countries not to interfere in each others' internal affairs.

"If the GCC (countries) withdraw their ambassadors from Qatar, we the people say we are ambassadors in Qatar,” one tweet said.  

Here are some others: 

"Qatar is paying the price for supporting Arab Spring dreams of freedom, democracy, and dignity"

"We and the Qatari people are brothers and our relations go beyond ambassadors. Political disagreement will not break unity of the people"

"Three ambassadors have been withdrawn from Qatar but thousands of GCC citizens are tweeting, showing their solidarity with Qatar"

Dr Abdullah Al Nafisi, a noted Kuwaiti writer and political analyst, wrote on his Twitter account, “Recalling ambassadors from Doha is a kid’s game. It shows political immaturity. I congratulate Qatar for not reacting in a similar way.

"What is happening between the GCC governments shows lack of vision, maturity and farsightedness,” he added.

Jaber Al Harami, Editor-in-Chief of Al Sharq, said in his column that it could be more logical if Saudi Arabia and the UAE recalled their envoys from Iran and Iraq, instead of Qatar.

"Iraq has been challenging the sovereignty of Saudi Arabia and Iran has been occupying three UAE Islands.

"We ask the three countries to show evidence to support their allegations against Qatar (of interfering in their internal affairs),” he added.

Source: The Peninsula | Image: Jeffery in QL Flickr group

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