Health ministry issues clarification regarding old Snickers video that went viral

By QLNews

We live in a highly connected world and it can be very useful at times. One can get to know the latest happenings around the world and be aware of things going on around you.

However, being connected also has its downsides. One of them is that rumours are easy to spread. People can panic fast without ever checking the authenticity of a viral news.

There was a recent example of this when a video, showing thousands of Snickers chocolate bars being thrown into a deep pit and being burned, did the rounds on social media. People were concerned about the safety of the chocolate bars available in Qatar.

However, the video was shot in Gaza, way back in 2016.

Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) stepped in to reassure people that the video should be considered as a rumour as its content are no longer relevant now, reported Gulf Times.

In a statement, the MoPH said that necessary action was taken in 2016, when the video was first circulated, in view of a recall over the possibility of some Snickers bars having plastic pieces in them.

In 2016, US chocolate giant Mars had ordered an international recall of Mars and Snickers made in the Netherlands after a piece of plastic found in one snack was traced back to a factory there, according to The Peninsula.

The Ministry had then announced that the Qatari market was free from Mars and Snickers chocolates manufactured in the Netherlands.

The ministry had said then that the Mars company unit in the Gulf and the company agent in Qatar have informed they have not distributed any Mars products in the local market that fall in the recalled category.

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