Heavy demand for local produce set to continue even after blockade

By QLReporter

The recent blockade by GCC countries on Qatar has resulted in a surge in patriotism among local population and they have increasingly turned to local-made produce for their say-to-day needs.

Demand for Qatari products will continue even after the ongoing economic blockade on the country is over.

Local farms and food manufacturers are transforming the crisis into an opportunity to boost sales and expand to wider markets, reported Gulf Times.

“They’ll be encouraged to produce more to keep up with the growing market demand. Those who’re in the industry will definitely find a market, which could help their businesses grow and expand,” Qatari businessman Farhan Al Sayed said.

“Increased demand of local products also translates to increased awareness in the market. The diplomatic crisis has served as a wake-up call because now we’ve to put more emphasis on food manufacturing and growing local produce,” he said.

Qatari companies have been silently working to absorb the surge in demand and ensure that there is a steady supply of necessary items at all times. It bolstered Qatari businessmen to think out of the box, like airlifting 4,000 cows, in an effort to shore up the country’s milk reserves.

If getting raw materials into the country was a huge problem due to blockade of Qatar’s shipping lines, it seems to have eased with the opening of direct services between Qatar’s Hamad and Oman’s Sohar Ports.

LuLu Group International’s regional manager (Qatar and Egypt) PM Shanavas also felt there would be a ‘switchover to support Qatari products.’

“Now is a good time for local food suppliers because they’ve realised that they should utilise the situation and maximise their presence in the hypermarkets. Even after the embargo, they can still benefit because Qatari and expatriate customers are now aware of these local products. This will definitely boost sales of local products,” he said.

“We make sure we have Qatari products in LuLu whenever it’s available. There’re local farms that provide quality produce to us. This is also part of our efforts to support local farms in Qatar,” he added.

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