Here is a clarification regarding entry and exit of expatriates under new labour law

By QLNews

A few months back, Qatar announced the formation of a new labour law which made it easier for expatriates to live in, work and exit Qatar. 

However, some of the wordings in the law may have also given rise to confusions. One specific area of confusion for expatriates has been Article 7, which regulates the entry and exit of expatriates, especially regarding their rights to travel for annual leave or for an emergency, reported Qatar Tribune.

As per Article 7, a worker has the right to travel on the due date of his annual leave or for an emergency back home based on terms and conditions of the employment contract, the newspaper said. The worker has the right to get a ticket and a salary. If he or she is leaving for good, then he should receive an end of service gratuity.

However, a group of employees, especially high ranking ones or those handling financial matters, may be obliged to inform their employers before departure.

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