Here is how to extend a 30-day on arrival visa for another 30 days…

By QLNews

In a bid to attract more tourists to Qatar, the country’s government recently made visa procedures easier than ever.

While people from many countries were added to the list of those who could visit Qatar without a visa, several others were made eligible for visa on arrival.    

One of the best features of the new visa regime was that people could choose to extend their stay by different durations, based on certain conditions.

Now, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has made visa extension even simpler by launching a section within its website for the same, reported Gulf Times.

Visitors entering Qatar through the 30-day on-arrival visa system can now extend their stay online for another 30 days via the MoI website.

The 90-day on-arrival tourist visa (for citizens of 34 countries) has a validity of 180 days with a multi-entry option and is not extendable, the 30-day visa (for nationals of 47 countries) can be extended for another 30 days.

By SURAJVMENON• 8 months 5 days ago.

Is it necessary to undergo medical checkup before to get extension for another 30 days ?

By S.S.Khan• 8 months 6 days ago.

No need any stamp.. in this month my 2 known person has been entered in Qatar without any fee or any documents.. you just need to show your passport and tell them that you are on arrival visa..

The one who arrive can stay one month after that you can extend for 1 more month.


By iswariya• 8 months 6 days ago.

Arrival visa no need aggrement.. So confirm

By mana007• 8 months 6 days ago.

On arrival 90day for some countries here im trying to get my wife to Qatar and with all the documents only to get rejected bcoz housing contract i dont know why i should have a housing contract for a flat/house when we can have 1bhk room for a couple.....

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