WATCH: HH The Amir addresses the United Nations

By QLNews

HH The Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani delivered a powerful speech during the General Debate of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, USA, yesterday.

HH The Amir said Qatar had weathered the unjust siege and had become a much stronger nation than it was before the start of the illegal blockade.

The country has also managed to hold on to its leading rankings in global indicators, especially in the areas of human security and development.

HH The Amir said ever since the start of the illegal blockade, many facts had emerged which showed a pre-arranged campaign of incitement against his country. These fabrications were used by neighbouring countries to manufacture the ongoing Gulf crisis, he said, according to Gulf Times.

Sheikh Tamim said the blockade on Qatar had harmed the reputation of GCC countries and that the ensuing paralysis had reflected negatively on the Council’s aspired role towards regional and global issues, reported The Peninsula.

However, he was hopeful that the moment of crisis could be turned into an opportunity to reform the GCC.

“In fact, it isn’t reasonable that differences of views on handling some regional issues lead to paralysing the effectiveness of an important regional organisation such as the GCC. We hope we’ll all transform the council’s current plight into an opportunity for reforming it and putting forward binding mechanisms to resolve the differences among its states through intra-dialogue, to avoid any similar recurrence in the future,” he was quoted as saying by Qatar Tribune.

He reiterated Qatar’s stances on issues related to Palestine, Syria, Yemen and Iraq. HH The Amir announced Qatar’s agreement with the United Nations to fight cholera in Yemen by supporting projects related to combating the disease.



HH The Amir said only a little progress had been made on lingering issues of the Middle East.

“Now we’re witnessing attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause through the liquidation of issues relating to the permanent solution such as Jerusalem, refugees, sovereignty and borders,” he said.

HH The Amir pointed out deterioration of the situations in the Palestinian territories, particularly the inhumane conditions in the Gaza Strip. He said a two-state solution was the only way forward.



Sheikh Tamim said that after more than seven years, the international community was still unable to find a solution to the exacerbating crisis. He warned that if left unresolved, the crimes of genocide, mass displacement and wholesale death in prisons under torture could become a common practice that the international community can get accustomed to.



Qatar is keen on the unity, independence and territorial integrity of Yemen.

“We call upon all Yemeni parties to national reconciliation to end the conflict on the basis of the Security Council Resolution 2216, the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative and the outcomes of the National Dialogue,” he said.

HH The Amir also appealed the international community to help Yemeni people who are facing a grave humanitarian situation, and to facilitate free access for humanitarian assistance to all areas in the country.



Sheikh Tamim said recent developments had put Libya’s security and territorial integrity at stake.

“We reiterate our support for the Skhirat agreement signed in December 2015 and all its outcomes,” he said.



The Amir appreciated the efforts of the Iraqi government to restore stability and achieve national reconciliation by collaboration of all political parties and all components of Iraqi community.


HH The Amir also stressed the importance of effective rules to regulate the cyber world. While modern life has become inconceivable without information and digital technology, rules and regulations needed to be in place to prevent hacking and spread of false information.

“Qatar and other countries have suffered from digital piracy and digital espionage, and that has prompted us to strongly emphasise this issue and to be willing to work with United Nations organisations to regulate it legally. We propose convening an international conference to examine ways to have this matter regulated by international law. We express our readiness to host this conference,” HH The Amir added.

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