HMC says Qatar not facing shortage of medical supplies due to siege

By QLNews

The GCC blockade on Qatar has not affected the performance of health services in the country in any way, according to the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).

HMC said that health services offered by all its hospitals in Qatar are functioning normally, as there is no shortage of medical supplies or medicines because of the blockade, reported Gulf Times.

HMC’s Corporate Communications Department Executive Director Ali Abdullah Al Khater said HMC had stocks of medicines and other important medical supplies for many months.

“If some of the supply routes are affected, the HMC will find new suppliers. There’s no risk on public health as there’re no shortages of medicines or medical supplies,” The Peninsula quoted him as saying.

With regard to the provision of medical care to residents of the GCC countries that imposed the siege on Qatar or other countries, Al Khater said HMC continued to provide medical care for all patients and reviewers regardless of their nationality.

Meanwhile, some Qatari companies are exploring new trade partners for import of medicines and medical supplies in the future.

Atilla Kurucayirli, a Doha-based banker with Commercial Bank Qatar (CBQ), said that some Qatari business are negotiating with top pharmaceutical companies in Turkey to import medicines.

Kurucayirli, a Turkish expatriate who is facilitating Qatari companies to establish new trade links in Turkey, said that Qatari businessmen were exploring new avenues so that there should not arise any such situation in future.

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