Japan and Qatar will collaborate to promote the 2020 Olympics and 2022 FIFA World Cup

By QLReporter

The bid for hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup was a tense and close one. Japan was one of the competing countries that came up with an incredible bid, which included projecting 3D holograms of the matches live around the world’s football fields for people to see. 

Now you have to admit, that’s pretty cool. Qatar won the FIFA bid, all holograms aside, and with its usual grace, Japan moved on. It will be hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics instead—not a bad tradeoff.

Enter Japan's Minister for Foreign Affairs Taro Kono last Saturday, who is on a Middle East tour. His Excellency reached Doha to deliver the happy proposal of joint efforts between Qatar and Japan to promote the 2020 Summer Olympics and 2022 Fifa World Cup. Qatar responded favourably.

HE Taro Kono met with HE the Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani and HE the Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani. The meeting’s details were shared by Toshihide Ando, deputy press secretary of Japan, at a press conference in Doha.

According to Ando, they have not discussed the programme’s specifics just yet, but these will be “considered later.” 

HE the Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono

Officials on both sides looked to enhancing bilateral relations at the meeting and ways of strengthening them in all fields. A number of other issues of mutual concern were also discussed, with the Gulf crisis being a key focus. 

 Ando explained that, “Other than bilateral relations, three major topics of discussion were joint efforts on the 2020 Olympics and 2022 Fifa World Cup, the Gulf crisis and the North Korean crisis. Leaders from both sides shared their views on these topics.”

Let’s hope that live 3D hologram matches may be one of the outcomes of the Qatar-Japan collaboration.



Cover photo courtesy: Qatar Friendship Fund

Inline photo courtesy: Gulf Times

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