Municipalities prepare for comprehensive inspection campaign before Eid Al Adha

By QLNews

Qatar has always been strict when it comes to ensuring businesses around the country comply with existing laws and regulations.

The Doha municipality is now preparing a strong plan of action to inspect commercial establishments before the official start of Eid Al Adha, reported Gulf Times.   

According to the plan, the municipality will intensify and tighten their health control visits to food establishments, especially slaughterhouses, butcheries, consumer complexes and others.

The campaigns aim to ensure that these establishments comply with all necessary health and hygiene conditions while handling foodstuff before selling them, reported The Peninsula.

Doha Municipality said a plan was set for its officers and inspections of sweets, chocolates and nuts shops would begin on Sunday, August 12.

The officials will check and verify validity of special offers on food commodities as well as their presentation and storage.

Inspections will also be carried out on commercial establishments selling meat, fish and poultry in complexes and consumer goods retailers, reported Qatar Tribune.

Special attention will be given to shops in the central market, including sections for fruits and vegetables. The department’s meat health unit will increase its inspections of slaughterhouses in the central market. Officers will work in shifts to monitor butchering activities around the clock.

Fish caught from the sea and directly sold at the Doha Corniche will also come under the scanner.

Food inspectors at the Industrial Area will organise intensive search campaigns at food factories there. Complaints will be received daily from 8am until 5pm and from 5pm until 2am.

Inspectors from the general control department will also follow closely the public hygiene efforts in the morning and evening.

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