Need to promote quality education for world peace, says Al Mahmoud

Need to promote quality education for world peace, says Al Mahmoud

By QLNews

With a record turnout at the 140th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), currently underway in Doha, the event seems to be a success already.

The Assembly in Doha gathers world parliamentarians from over 160 countries and brings to the discussion table a number of items from across the region and the world, under the theme ‘parliaments as platforms to enhance education for peace, security and the rule of law.’

Chairing a session at the Assembly yesterday, The Shura Council Speaker His Excellency Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud highlighted the powerful role of the IPU in promoting education to rectify the concepts that threaten the values of peace, security and the rule of law across the globe.

“That most of the countries where conflicts, wars and instability are rampant, poverty and famine are widespread, and the absence of development we as parliamentarians have a great responsibility to promote education and make it a means to achieve and maintain security and peace and the rule of law in these countries,” Al Mahmoud is quoted to have said by The Peninsula.

He further added that merely focusing on expanding the provision of education is no longer sufficient if it can’t be linked to values of love and tolerance and thus the role of parliamentarians to promote education is crucial.

“We have to fight extremist ideas and spread education which respects ethnic and religious diversity. Education recognizes others,” Al Mahmoud said yesterday at the event where he was unanimously elected as the President of the 140th Assembly of the IPU.

The Shura Council Speaker shined a spotlight on Qatar’s efforts in the area of education saying, “In Qatar, we have given great attention to education and unlimited support has been provided for the development of educational programs. This has given good results and made our country in advanced positions in this field.”

He further attributed the success of the nation’s educational endeavors to the unlimited support received from Qatar’s leadership in terms of curriculum development, the use of new technologies in the development of teachers and students, reported Qatar Tribune.

“We hope that the discussions in our meetings will lead to the development of a plan of action that will be coordinated by all member parliaments to assess progress in achieving the agreed objectives and develop periodic measures to address the problems,” Al Mahmoud said.

The session saw the attendance of IPU President Gabriela Cuevas Barron, Secretary-General of Martin Chungong, other parliament speakers and heads of participating delegations.

Barron urged parliament members to recognize their role in addressing the issue of education in a rapidly changing world with influences that create many challenges, the most important of which is to make education inclusive and opportunity-driven.

She said education is an important tool to solve the problems and challenges and to promote and achieve sustainability through the use of advanced models of education in several countries.

Moreover, a number of leading parliamentarians participating in the IPU Assembly in Doha and its associated sessions have underscored the significance of education, which they said would eventually lead to more just and equitable societies by eradicating ignorance, according to Gulf Times.

In their speeches they criticized the policies of some countries in terms of violating international law, creating chaos and not respecting human rights and the rule of law, stressing that parliamentarians should not be silent about such violations.

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Cover Image Credit: Qatar News Agency
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