New tax kicks in, making cigarettes, energy drinks and carbonated soda costlier

By QLReporter

Qatar’s Finance Ministry had recently announced that it would introduce new taxes to curb the use of specific food and other products that have a negative impact on one’s health.

According to the decision, cigarettes, as well as energy drinks, would be levied with a 100% excise tax, while carbonated beverages would cost 50% more. Later, it was revealed that alcohol in the country would also cost 100% more.

The new tax regime came into effect yesterday, increasing the retail price of the articles in question. Shopkeepers have started selling these items at the new rates, reported Gulf Times.

Now, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes that used to sell for QR11 costs QR22. The price of a box of Pall Mall increased from QR5 to QR10, reported the Gulf Times.

“Most of my customers who’re smokers have been complaining of the high prices but what could we do? These are new prices sanctioned by the government, and there’s nothing we could do but to comply with the new policy,” a Doha-based store owner told the newspaper.

Many people welcomed the move to introduce the new tax, saying it would help in curbing bad habits. However, others expressed reservations.

“This decision will help people get rid of bad and unhealthy habits such as smoking. Now, the rise in prices will make it harder for those who’re just starting to smoke,” Mohammed Bayram, a Tunisian expatriate, was quoted as saying by Qatar Tribune.

“I always wanted to quit smoking, but I needed a good start. After hearing the news about this decision, I’ve quit smoking,” said Amer Darraoui, another resident.

According to the new prices, a 250ml can of Red Bull energy drink now costs QR9.50, up from QR4.75 before the increase. The 355ml can sell for QR14 (QR7 earlier).

The 500ml Monster energy drink and the Monster Khaos Drink used to sell for QR11.25 but now cost QR22.50. The price of a 355ml Power Horse energy drink has jumped from QR5.75 to QR11.50, reported Gulf Times.

Carbonated sodas have also grown dearer. A 355ml can of Mountain Dew and Pepsi that used to be sold at QR1.50 now costs QR2.25. A 500ml bottle of Sprite now costs QR2.75 (earlier QR1.75).

Similarly, the price of a 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola has gone up from QR2 to QR3.

The 7UP 150ml can and Fanta Orange 150ml can, as well as the Coca-Cola Light 150ml can and Mirinda Orange 150ml can used to sell for QR1.25 and now cost QR2, while the Coca-Cola 355ml aluminium bottle is now at QR10.25 (QR6.75).

By cbern• 2 weeks 5 days ago.

all aroud the world Sports newspapers (and not only) are jokinq on this unreasonable tax...not a good publicity for the WC...ops...sorry...World Cup!

By Apprentice_• 2 weeks 6 days ago.

should tax the fast food meal Mcdon, bking, KFC....

also should allow buying from the duty free and get it in for that other 100% tax that is not mentioned in this article for a very little compensation for users

By Nas-Ghey• 2 weeks 6 days ago.

Not the best move, people who can't afford Marlboro now will move to Pall Mall or other cheaper brands and risk their health more.

By sntsh• 3 weeks 53 min ago.

thats a smart decision....very good

By TNJ• 3 weeks 3 hours ago.

It is officially cheaper to travel to some other country to have a sip of a good whiskey and come back.

By Sense Mine• 3 weeks 3 hours ago.
Sense Mine

in that more bepsi and bapcorn! :(

By 1977adil• 3 weeks 5 hours ago.

pepsi, coke , 7up must be 300% increase

By ashokstar• 3 weeks 10 hours ago.

carbonated drinks should be more dearer.

By AwiloLogomba• 3 weeks 10 hours ago.

Fantastic news! Hopefully the drivers are going to be a lot calmer on the roads now?

By sidibenali• 3 weeks 11 hours ago.

Very Good News and hope this will help the smoking population to quit smoking and to stop drinking energy drinks that are harmful to our health.

all The Best

By hantar17• 3 weeks 11 hours ago.

people with low salary and cant quit smoking will suffer

By alstu• 3 weeks 11 hours ago.

"Coca-Cola Light 150ml can"

I can understand the high sugar drinks - good idea...but why tax the sugar free drinks also? Carbonated is not unhealthy, sugar is!

By smkqat17• 3 weeks 12 hours ago.

Health is Real Wealth!

Good Decision by the Government!

By PunchLiner• 3 weeks 12 hours ago.

Good news !!!!!!!!

By Lakshan SJ• 3 weeks 12 hours ago.
Lakshan SJ

good job Qatar. Very cool

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