Ours is a safe and prosperous country, says Qatar’s foreign minister Sheikh Mohamed

By QLNews

Qatar has always been a safe country to live in, and recent statistics only serve to underline that fact.

Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said Qatar was safe and prosperous and following a different path for many years.

Speaking at a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, Sheikh Mohamed attributed his country’s prosperity over the last 20 years to its strategic interaction with the world, reported Gulf Times.

Qatar’s keenness to establish global economic partnerships and develop its human capital and regional investment also more strength to its attempts.

Sheikh Mohamed said Qatar decided to begin a new page of openness two decades back, pointing out the decision shaped Qatar’s foreign policy which was characterised by interaction, dialogue and cooperation.

Qatar's foreign policy was a new trend in the Middle East, and it gave Qatar the desires success. He said that the country made friends around the world, much outside its geographic boundaries.

Over time, Qatar has become an experienced mediator in a region where negotiation is not commonly used to resolve differences.

“For example, we were able to calm the fighting in Lebanon and fill the power vacuum. In Sudan, we helped to stop the war and bring peace to Darfur. Today, we’re facilitating talks between the USA and the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban movement,” he was quoted as saying by  The Peninsula.

Sheikh Mohamed said Qatar would continue to be an active actor in the happenings of the Middle East.

Sheikh Mohamed said Qatar has also invested wisely in its human capital.

“We started with education, media and religious tolerance. The last chapter of development included health care and work. The progressive policies have enabled freedom and women's rights for decades,” he was reported as saying by Qatar Tribune.

Qatar also invited many American universities to join the Education City to give the region-wide opportunities for an excellent education.

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