PHCC serve more than 15,000 citizens from siege nations after start of illegal blockade

By QLNews

The illegal siege of Qatar, now in its fourth month, has seen many of Qatar’s neighbours cut its tie with the country.

However, Qatar has chosen to go down a totally different path — one of peace and reconciliation. Unlike its neighbours, the country has not shut its doors to the needy, especially patients who wish to make use of advanced medical infrastructure within the nation.

Over 15,000 citizens from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain have received health care services at Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) health centres since the start of the siege, reported Gulf Times.

The PHCC, which works without discrimination towards anyone, received 10,550 Saudi Arabian citizens, 3,353 people from Bahrain and 1,284 from the UAE, reported The Peninsula.

Patients from the blockading nations were accorded the same professional treatment as Qatari citizens, the PHCC said.

After more than 120 days of blockade, the PHCC and its 23 health centres have continued to provide normal services to the public.

“PHCC health centres are providing health services as usual. We’re committed to providing primary health care services to all people in the country, including GCC nationals. Our values and ethics require us to provide quality healthcare services to whoever needs them without any discrimination.”

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