PHCC unveils 2019-2023 strategic plan for better health

PHCC unveils 2019-2023 strategic plan for better health

By QLNews

Excellence in healthcare continues to be a prime focus for Qatar. With several initiatives taken in the past to ensure the best possible care is given to residents and citizens of the country, the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) yesterday announced its ambitious strategic plan (2019-2023) aimed at achieving better health outcomes for the population.

The plan was unveiled at a ceremony graced by the presence of the Minister of Public Health HE Dr Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari.

Themed “A Healthier Future For Our Families”, the PHCC’s Corporate Strategy Plan 2019-2023 is centered on Family Medicine Model of Care, and Preventative Health.

The plan is geared toward transforming the health and wellbeing of people in Qatar, with a focus on providing more comprehensive services, integrated care, shifting the balance of care from curative, hospital-based treatment to enhanced preventative, health and wellness services in the community.

“This plan supports the vision for a safe, sustainable and high-quality primary care service provided in modern premises. PHCC has achieved much over the past five years and our goal is to ensure the quality of primary care meets the health needs of the population,” commented Dr Al Kuwari.

It is composed of six priority areas, 20 strategic objectives, and 80 strategic activities.

Two of the six priority areas are centered on patient through a family-based, integrated and high-quality family care model and preventive health. 

The other four areas are labor force, strong partnerships with patients, families, and communities, improving the primary care system and cooperation for patient care and safety, as well as an effective and innovative organization.

Seven priority populations comprising: healthy children and adolescents, healthy women leading to healthy pregnancies, healthy and safe employees, mental health and wellbeing, improved health for people with chronic conditions, health and wellbeing for people with special needs, and healthy ageing, are also part of the strategic plan.

The National Primary Health Care Strategy 2013-18 that achieved 93 percent of the recommendations influenced the launch of this new strategy.

Speaking on the occasion of the strategy launch, PHCC Managing Director Dr Mariam Abdul Malik said, “The best way to a healthier future is to focus on the prevention and health promotion and wellness of people. Therefore, we want to provide a comprehensive kind of care with high-quality primary healthcare services through family medicine model of care.”

She said the Family Medicine Model of Care has been rolled out in new health centers that have been opened in the recent past and will be in effect at the existing health centers by next month. 

“In May, we will complete rolling out of this model and our physicians will provide continuous home care service, especially for the elderly,”Dr Malik mentioned, adding that a successful national healthcare model, one that is fully integrated into a primary care setting, helps in the reduction of 30 percent emergency room visits, sometimes for higher risk groups, up to 50 percent drop in ER visits. 

She further said, “Preventing disease is key to improving Qatar’s health. Children grow up in communities, homes, and families that nurture their healthy development, and adults are productive and healthy.” 

There are currently 27 health centers in Qatar seeing over 10,000 patients per day. Registered patients at primary healthcare are over one million.

“The satisfaction rate is around 88 percent which is a good reflection to what we have done over the past 5 years,” Dr Malik highlighted.


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