Public Health Ministry slams ‘misleading’ messages about bottled water in Qatar

By QLNews

Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has said that bottled drinking water available in Qatar is completely safe to drink and that it conforms to standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as GCC specifications.

The MoPH’s statement came in response to a message doing rounds on social media, which was said to have ranked the ‘best drinking water in the region,’ reported The Peninsula.

The ministry said the “circulated information was misleading and that the sodium concentration in water had no health effects according to the WHO. The WHO-stipulated pH level is between 7 to 8.5, and the variation within that range has no bearing on health,” said the statement.

The official statement said that bottled water in the country met international standards and authorities do not allow distribution of bottled water that doesn’t meet the specifications.

Ministry also urged the people in Qatar to obtain health information from official sources and not to indulge in circulating false information from unreliable sources.

By acchabaccha• 3 months 17 hours ago.

Molten posts just for the sake of posting. Has Molten ever, ever, ever seen any of the filters which zuma is talking of. I am sure not. But Molten MUST comment.

Zuma; I agree with you that the filters on water coolers at mosques need to replaced more frequently especially at mosques located in commercial areas. I cannot comment if the water from these water coolers are safe to drink when the filters have turned almost black as I am not an authority on this matter.

By Molten Metal• 3 months 19 hours ago.
Molten Metal

Zuma, It may be the colour of the filter itself. Just forget it, no worries at all.

By zuma222• 3 months 1 day ago.

My question to MoPH is it safe to drink from mosque tap, because most of the filter have turn brown and black.

By Molten Metal• 3 months 1 day ago.
Molten Metal

That's ok.

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