Qatar gears up in earnest for joyous and colourful National Day celebrations

By QLNews

The preparations for the Qatar National Day (QND) are in full swing and people are getting ready to showcase their national pride.

A host of activities have been lined up at Darb Al Saai, the traditional venue for hosting National Day celebrations, by several government organisations and ministries, reported Qatar Tribune.

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is participating in the QND celebrations for the first time with a special pavilion titled ‘Defense Camp.’

The pavilion, which will run from December 9 until 20th, is open to the public and is expected to be a huge draw.

Qatar Foundation (QF) will also host a tent at the venue for the same duration, reported Gulf Times.

QF has invited the public to join the festivities and take part in a range of engaging activities designed to showcase national pride.

Similarly, the Police College will participate in QND celebrations with a series of activities. Their participation reflects the QND’s vision to promote loyalty, solidarity and unity in the country.

Meanwhile, Al Shaqab is all set to unveil its new brand identity this weekend at Darb al Saai. Moreover, visitors can enjoy a host of fun activities which Al Shaqab is organising at Darb al Saai. 

Here is a list of activities that are on for the Qatar National Day.

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