Qatar has not missed a single oil or gas shipment since the blockade

By QLReporter

As the hundredth day of the blockade drew to a close on Tuesday, Qatar's Minister of Energy and Industry HE Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh al-Sada announced that Qatar has not missed any oil or gas shipments despite the siege imposed by its neighbours. 

“During this blockade we have never missed a single shipment of oil or gas to any of our consuming partners,” he said at a session organized by the Foreign Ministry's Diplomatic Institute in Doha. 

“That shows how committed Qatar is, not only to our economy here and reliability but also to the consuming countries because this is a very strategic commodity,”  His Excellency stated

The session was held under the name "Qatar National Vision 2030… Future of Global Oil and Gas Markets”. Representatives and directors of departments at the Foreign Ministry and heads of diplomatic missions accredited to the State of Qatar attended the event.



His Excellency emphasised Qatar’s reliability as an energy supplier in its dealing with customers from oil and gas consuming countries, and predicted that natural gas will be the second largest conventional energy source globally by 2030 in place of coal, while oil will remain the foremost source. 

He highlighted the growing demand for natural gas due to the specifications it fulfills, and the fact that it is a relatively cleaner, more environmentally friendly energy source. He also explained that the development of other energy sources was not being neglected, including the crude oil sector. 

The consistent growth in GDP per capita as well as the development of diverse economic sectors and the achievement of several economic indicators were points he stressed at the session.

However, His Excellency did acknowledge the challenges faced by Qatar, especially in the oil and gas sector, and advised to work to bring balance again between supply and demand and restoring investments to the industry.


Cover photo courtesy: The Peninsula

Inline photo courtesy: Reuters

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