WATCH: Qatar launches ‘Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor’ project, in appreciation of Kuwaiti Amir

WATCH: Qatar launches ‘Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor’ project, in appreciation of Kuwaiti Amir

By QLReporter

Kuwait has always stood with Qatar through thick and thin and they have been playing a big role in solving the ongoing Gulf crisis.

The brotherly relationship between the two countries is set to get stronger after Qatar officially launched the Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor project, in appreciation of Kuwaiti Amir HH Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah, yesterday, reported Gulf Times.

The new road, thus named at the directive of HH The Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, was launched by Qatar’s Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani.

The Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor project, which will act as a vital artery of Qatar’s road infrastructure, will enhance north-south connectivity and provide access to more than 25 residential areas.

This project is the first in Qatar to be called a ‘Corridor,’ instead of a road, due to its great importance and unique construction. The new Corridor, set to be completed in 2021, will have the first cable-stayed bridge in Qatar as well as the largest intersection, longest bridge, deepest and longest bi-directional tunnel, according to The Peninsula.

There will be a total of 17 intersections, 32 bridges and 12 tunnels built as part of the project. Qatar’s first-ever suspension bridge will span 1,200M from Mesaimeer to Al Bustan Road. The project will also have the country’s longest bridge, covering a distance of 2.6km, according to Qatar Tribune.


An overview of the Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor

The Corridor will extend for around 25km from Hamad International Airport (HIA) to Umm Lekhba Interchange (Landmark Interchange) on Doha Expressway.

Seven main roads — E Ring, F Ring, Mesaimeer, Al Bustan, Bu Erayyen, Lebday and sections of Al Markhiya Street — will be upgraded as part of the project.

Ashghal will also enhance 12km of local and peripheral roads intersecting with the Corridor. The total road works of the project is approximately 37km.

Once operational, commuters travelling from HIA will be able to reach Umm Lekhba Intersection in approximately 18 minutes, compared to the current 50 minutes via Doha Expressway and 22 February Street reducing the time taken by 70%.

The new Corridor will form a vital link between the north and south of Doha through Al Watiyyat Interchange, at F Ring Road. This interchange will create a vital connection between Doha Expressway and Southern Part of Doha Express Highway (Al Wakra Bypass) as well as to Mesaieed Road further south.

The project will convert all roundabouts to more efficient and safer signalised junctions as well as build and upgrade 17 interchanges. These interchanges will deliver 32 bridges and 12 vehicular underpasses to enhance connectivity and provide smooth traffic movements in addition to 12 pedestrian bridges.

65kms of pedestrian and cycle paths along with 1.5m SqM of landscaping will also be delivered.

First Cable-Stayed Bridge in Qatar 

The country’s first Cable-Stayed Bridge will have a length of 1200M. It extends from Mesaimeer Road to Al Bustan Street and crosses over Halul Intersection on Mesaimeer Road and Faleh Bin Nasser Intersection on Salwa Road.


Longest Bridge

The longest flyover in the country will span 2.6km, extending from Al Bustan Street to Bu Erayyen Street and crossing over Al Waab Street and Rasheeda Street.


Largest Interchange

The Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor will include the largest Interchange in Qatar. The impressively complex Umm Lekhba (Landmark) Interchange has nine bridges providing a free traffic flow in all directions.


Longest and deepest bi-directional tunnel

The project consists of the recently opened Al Rayyan Road, which is the longest and deepest bi-directional tunnel in Qatar. It sits 25M below ground level and extends for 2.1km connecting Bu Erayyen Street and Lebday Street.



Residential Areas and Main Roads

The new Corridor will connect 15 main roads and will serve 25 densely populated residential areas such as Al Thumama, Al Nuaija, Bu Hamour, Al Waab, Al Rayyan, Al Luqta and Al Gharrafa.


World Cup Stadiums

The Corridor will facilitate access to most of the 2022 FIFA World Cup stadiums including Ras Bu Abboud, Al Thumama, Al Wakra, Khalifa International and Qatar Foundation Stadiums.


Qatar Rail

The Corridor provides easy access to some of Doha Metro stations such as the Economic Zone, Al Waab and Old Rayyan.


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