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Qatar Red Crescent Society announces Ramadan Campaign

Qatar Red Crescent Society announces Ramadan Campaign

By QLNews

As the Holy Month of Ramadan is just around the corner, the Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) yesterday launched its annual Ramadan Campaign for the year 1440 A.H.

This year’s drive covers a slew of humanitarian projects, worth QR48 million, in as many as 22 countries.

The drive will see 18 Ramadan Iftar projects taking place in 11 countries throughout the blessed month of Ramadan.

The campaign was launched at a press conference led by Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Maliki, Chief Executive Director of QRCS. Dr. Mohamed Salah Ibrahim, Executive Director of Relief and International Development, and Manal Issa Al-Fahaid, Consultant for Partner and VIP Donor Relations, also participated in the event.

“As usual every year, we launch our annual charity and humanitarian campaign for the holy month of Ramadan. It is a bridge of mercy between those with kind and benevolent hearts on the one hand, and the needy, the poor, the displaced, and the homeless everywhere on the other. We seek to alleviate their suffering and bring a smile to their faces,” said Al-Maliki.

The title of this year’s campaign, ‘A Call for Mercy,” is inspired by noble Islamic teachings and QRCS’s humanitarian message, Al Maliki highlighted.

“Mercifulness is what touches your heart when you see a poor person, makes you feel compassionate towards them, and motivates you to give as much as you can to make their life a better one,” he explained adding, “Our Prophet (PBUH) is described as the ideal example of mercy: {And We have not sent you but as a mercy to the worlds}”

Dr. Ibrahim shared an overview of the details of the Ramadan drive, which involves 171 projects for up to 905,000 beneficiaries in Qatar and internationally.

“First, there are Ramadan-bound projects of Iftar meals, food vouchers, Zakat-ul-Fitr, and Eid clothing. These projects will be implemented in Qatar, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Sudan, Somalia, and Central African Republic,” he described.

Another track, Dr. Ibrahim added, was the year-round projects.

A total of 119 relief and development projects will be carried out in 22 countries, covering health care, shelter, water and sanitation, livelihood, and education.

“In Qatar, we plan to implement 34 health and socioeconomic projects,” he said.

Al-Fahaid thanked Qatar's Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA) for their contributions to the campaign.

“For over 17 years now, QRCS has been mobilizing generous donations from Qatari individuals and institutions, to reach out to millions of vulnerable people,” she noted.

To donate to QRCS's Ramadan campaign, any of the following channels can be used:

- Online donation (www.qrcs.org.qa);

- Bank transfer to QRCS's account with QIIB (IBAN: QA66QIIB000000001111126666003);

- QRCS's headquarters at Old Salata, Corniche (44027777);

- Hotlines: 16002 – 66644822 – 66666364; 

- QRCS's RACA-licensed agents at malls and shopping centers; and

- Send an SMS with “32” to 92216 (QR 100), 92092 (QR 500), or 92246 (QR 1,000).


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Cover Image Credit: QRCS
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