Qatar and US navies hold joint exercise in Doha

By QLReporter

Amid rising tensions in the region, and a blockade by three GCC countries, Qatar held a joint naval exercise with their American counterparts on Doha waters.

The Qatari Emiri Navy and US Navy held a joint exercise involving nine units and three private naval teams from both sides, said the Ministry of Defence's Directorate of Moral Guidance, reported Gulf Times.

The one-day military drill included exercises with artillery and naval missiles in addition to medical supply and evacuation and monitoring of above-the-horizon targets with helicopters.

The exercises came as part of Qatar's commitment to peace and security in the region and the fight against terrorism and extremism.

Earlier, Al Jazeera had reported about the arrival of the two US ships in Qatar.

Qatar hosts the biggest US military base in the Middle East with more than 11,000 troops deployed or assigned to Al Udeid airbase. More than 100 aircraft operate from there.

In a bid to further bolster its security, Qatar had also recently closed a $12bn deal to buy F-15 jet planes from the USA.

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