Qatari-British joint military exercise concludes in Wales

By QLReporter

Decisive Decision 13, a joint exercise between Qatari and British troops in Wales, came to a successful conclusion yesterday.

Military students from the Ahmed bin Mohamed Military College did the joint exercises with the British armed forces in the presence of Major General Hamad Ahmed Al Nuaimi, head of the College and Brigadier General Dicken, commander of the British 51th Brigade, reported Gulf Times.

The three-week exercise focused on training officers in three stages — combat in built-up areas, defence and training with live ammunition and movement on the battlefield, according to The Peninsula.

The exercise, which was held at Camp Sine Bridge in Precon, Wales, involved 212 officers from the 13th batch of the College and the 51st Battalion of the British Armed Forces.

In recent times, Qatar has been holding naval exercises at home in association with their British and American counterparts. Several batches of Turkish troops have also been holding exercises in Qatar.

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