Qataris are still being denied their rights in Saudi Arabia, says NHRC

By QLNews

Ever since the start of the illegal blockade of Qatar, there have been severe restrictions placed on Qatari citizens in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  

Despite Qatar not reciprocating the blockading nations’ decision to recall its citizens, Qatari people are still not allowed to return, said Qatar’s National Human Rights Committee Chairman yesterday, reported Gulf Times.

“Many Qataris have business and properties in Saudi Arabia. Some of the Saudi citizens residing in Qatar have jobs in the private and public sectors. They can also cross the land border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia,” said Dr Ali bin Smaikh Al Marri.

“Though Saudi authorities allowed Qatari students studying in Saudi Arabia to continue their education, there isn’t yet any clear strategy for implementing such positive steps and it’s left to the estimation of the Saudi border officers,” he added.

“The situation with the UAE and Bahrain remains the same with no positive development. Qataris are still denied access to their property, businesses and interests in these countries. There’s still discrimination against Qatari students in the UAE in particular as, at least one case has registered for a Qatari student denied registration just for being a Qatari citizen,” the NHRC chief pointed out.

Kuwaiti and Omani citizens are still denied crossing from Saudi Arabia to Qatar through the land border.

The Abu Samra border has been closed since June 5 and more than 13,000 people have been affected so far

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