Rainy season in Qatar to begin on October 16 and last for 52 days

By QLReporter

Every year, people in Qatar eagerly look forward to the start of the rainy season, which also announces the official start of winter time.

This year, the rains could start as early as October 16 and last for 52 days, the Qatar Met Department has said.

During the season locally known as Al Wasmi, clouds move from the west to east. Rainfall at the beginning of this period is usually an indication of a good rainy season, reported Gulf Times.

The Met Department has said that rainfall is expected to be around average levels from now until December in both Qatar and the entire Gulf region.

During this period, the minimum and maximum temperatures in Qatar will see a downward trend, with the maximum expected to be below 35C and minimum below 20C.

While the day temperatures will be mild, things will become relatively cold at night.

People should be careful as flu and other diseases are common during this transitional period.

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