Reason behind initial pre-Crisis media onslaught revealed

By QLReporter

Speaking on Qatar TV’s show “Truth” last evening, the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister HE Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani explained that the UAE media attacks on Qatar before the blockade began were due to the presence of the wife of an Emirati opposition figure who entered Qatar and then departed for London in 2013.

According to The Peninsula, the Deputy Prime Minister revealed that Abu Dhabi had asked that the woman be handed over to the UAE. 

“His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim assured them that Doha would not be used as a platform to attack the UAE or any other country and as long as the woman is not guilty of our law, morality and values do not allow the extradition of a woman.” 

The Deputy Prime Minister added that her passport was withdrawn by the UAE embassy in Doha. He pointed out that all grievances between the two states before the Gulf Crisis began were of no great import, but two months before the blockade Qatar noticed media attacks from the UAE-based media outlets and reached out to solve the issues bilaterally.

“The response of the UAE was conditional with the extradition of the woman and they stopped cooperation. Then Qatar approached Saudi Arabia and briefed them on the situation,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The then Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef and Prince Mohammed bin Salman, said their country would not become embroiled in the dispute and supported the Qatari stance.  “They said they would work to contain the differences, and we will act as a mediator.”

The Deputy Prime Minister was firm in pointing out that HH the Emir is also intent on better Qatari-Gulf relations and resolving any conflict between brothers.



Cover image credit: The Peninsula

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