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Security, safety measures in place for Ramadan: MOI

Security, safety measures in place for Ramadan: MOI

By QLNews

As the country gears up to welcome the holy month of Ramadan, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) has confirmed that all security departments have made the necessary arrangements to ensure the highest level of safety across all public services.

The ministry said it would heighten its security efforts during the month of Ramadan as it is an occasion that requires greater focus, particularly during the peak hours when the traffic flow tends to be much heavier.  

The departments will conduct security patrols in various streets to prevent any violations and protect the members of the community from any risks.

Additionally, the departments would also maintain security in residential neighborhoods within the competence of each administration in order to provide maximum security and minimize the chance of any crime.

With regards to traffic, the General Directorate of Traffic has made all the necessary preparations enabling cooperation between officers and the concerned authorities that would focus on removing any bottlenecks, which may occur at peak times.

Moreover, the directorate plans to run a Ramadan awareness campaign designed to educate road users on road safety during the month, in particular when motorists are driving through congestion on some roads at specific times like the pre-breakfast period.  

While the campaign will encourage all segments of the society to understand traffic safety requirements, it also ambitions to instill in individuals the need to respect traffic laws and regulations. 

Colonel Mohamed Radhi Al Hajri, Director of Media and Traffic Awareness Department, stressed that a systematic plan aims at achieving traffic safety through public awareness about speed limits, the use of seat belts, parking reserved for people with disabilities and the use of phone while driving.

He further mentioned that the department will organize a number of events during the holy month of Ramadan.

These include the religious exhibition of publications in co-operation with the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, held at the main hall of the General Directorate of Traffic.

Moreover, Iftar for truck drivers, visiting family councils, Iftar for communities, and Iftar for the elderly in Ehsan centre, as well as awareness lectures for civil servants are also part of the department’s Ramadan activities.

During Garangao, the department will send simple awareness messages to children, coupled with symbolic gifts of traffic significance to encourage traffic awareness among the new generation, Col. Al Hajri added.

Educational exhibitions will be held in markets and commercial complexes for families, he said.

The directorate will increase traffic patrols in the streets surrounding the compounds, commercial areas, and markets, as well as in the Corniche area to manage high traffic congestion, specifically at the time just before Iftar. 

Also, the Rescue Police Department's (Al Fazaa) security patrols will be working around the clock to maintain security to prevent anything that might harm the security and safety of the homeland and the citizen.

Director of Al Fazaa Major Naif bin Faleh al-Thani explained that Al Fazaa will intensify patrols in all areas of the country.

Al Fazaa patrols will also distribute dates and water bottles as a form of social communication with the public so that drivers avoid rushing home.

Director of the Community Policing Department (CPD) Col. Sultan Mohamed Al Kaabi said that the department aims to reduce the crime and negative phenomena and motivate the community to learn about security and safety procedures in public places.

Head of the External Branch, CPD, Colonel Ghanim Saad Al Khayarin said that the department has established a working team to implement the Ramadan programs and activities and will be visiting hospitals, youth centres, sports clubs and owners and attendees of shops and commercial complexes under its awareness-raising focus.

Head of media and awareness section at the Directorate General of Civil Defence Capt Jabir Mohamed Al Marri said the department will also raise awareness on some of the risks that need to paid attention to during the holy month.

The role of housewives in following safety guidelines and caution against the dangers of common domestic accidents in Ramadan is highly important, he said. 

He stressed that it is necessary to inspect the stoves and the ovens and ensure that they are clean. All household safety tools and knowledge of how to use it is also equally important, Capt. Al Marri added.

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