Seven men arrested for duping people with promise of ‘antique golden treasure’

By QLCrime

Each passing day, people come up with unique schemes to dupe people and get rich quickly. However, Qatar’s law enforcement officials have been on top of things, quickly swooping in to apprehend criminals. 

Yesterday, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced that Qatar’s police force had arrested a gang of seven Asian men for fraud and cheating citizens, residents and visitors to Qatar, according to Gulf Times.

The men had accumulated a large sum of money after fleecing money from people by promising antique treasure which included gold coins, reported The Peninsula.

Additionally, they had also trapped many victims by selling them expensive smart phones at half the price. Their modus operandi was to lure the victims in, rob them and flee the scene of crime.

Criminal Investigation Department Director Brig. Jamal Al Kaabi said the CID had received information that anonymous people were fraudulently luring citizens and residents in by misleading them of possessing a quantity of gold they wanted to sell at a cheap price, reported Qatar Tribune.

He added that recently there have been reported cases of fraud on elderly people and women, both citizens and residents, as the perpetrators targeted owners of cars in public places.

Once they established contact, they used to make them believe that they were in possession of a huge trove of gold coins, worth over QR1m, which had been discovered in an abandoned building in the country.

By Mr M• 3 months 56 min ago.
Mr M

Good news

By mohdata• 3 months 17 hours ago.

haha that's a pretty standard response to the "straight as a ruler" metaphor ;-)

By PunchLiner• 3 months 18 hours ago.

i have a ruler that can be bent.

By mohdata• 3 months 22 hours ago.

good they were nabbed; but when someone tries to sell you expensive things like gold or high end phones for a very low price and you accept the offer, it shows that you're not exactly "straight as a ruler" yourself.

By Molten Metal• 3 months 1 day ago.
Molten Metal

Not good.

By asifkhan78690• 3 months 1 day ago.

These scammers are a on a high along with those ooredoo vodafone callers for lottery of 200,000. Great efforts by the govt to trap these fraudsters and put them behind bars for a long rest.

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