Sidra Medicine successfully conducts Qatar’s first conjoined twin separation surgery

By QLNews

Sidra Medicine, which recently opened its doors to the public, have been making waves by successfully completely complex surgeries.

The super speciality hospital added another feather to its cap when it recently successfully operated on and separated two conjoined twins, reported Gulf Times.

Hamad and Tamim, born to the Malian couple Ousmne Ag Mohamed and Fatimatou, were separated on September 24 after several months of thorough preparations and consultations.

The twins’ mother was on a visit to the Hamad Medical Corporation during her 29th week of pregnancy when doctors from Sidra got in touch with her.

Upon confirming that the twins were conjoined at the liver and lower sternum and that they could be separated, a team of multidisciplinary doctors from Sidra Medicine took charge of the case.

It was considered to be a risky case as each baby would need a fully functional liver and gastrointestinal tract. The successful surgery means they are back to normal feeding patterns and they are expected to live normal, independent lives, reported Qatar Tribune.

An expert team of 10 doctors separated the four-month-old twins after a mammoth nine-hour-long surgery.

“The surgery was planned and rehearsed for months with a full complement of over 150 medical and support staff undergoing over 30 hours of simulation to minimise the risks and improve patient outcomes. We rehearsed the actual surgery multiple times until everyone in the team was convinced that it was going to be ok,” said Dr. Abdalla Zarroug, division chief of Paediatric General and Thoracic Surgery at Sidra Medicine.

The parents, as a sign of gratitude to Qatar, named their baby boys Hamad and Tamim.

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