Souq Waqif management hikes price of shishas in order to deter smokers

By QLReporter

Only a little over a week since the Central Municipal Council (CMC) called for a complete ban of shisha smoking in public places, things are somewhat changing.

The CMC had called for a ban of shisha smoking in public places as well as closed spaces inside restaurants. Ever since the news was published, there had also been an outpouring of support from the public.

And now, Souq Waqif’s management has increased the price of shisha smoking in outlets within the area in an attempt to deter people from smoking, reported The Peninsula

The management took the decision after witnessing a spike in demand for shisha in the cafes and restaurant inside the souq.  

The decision is aimed at reducing the number of smokers and attract more families by offering them healthier and appropriate atmosphere, Souq Waqif said in a statement.

The management of Souq Waqif denied increasing the menu price of restaurants, stressing that they are subject to approval by the Souq Waqif management.

Some citizens and residents in Qatar reacted to this news through social media, while some were worried about the health aspects other were suspicious about the motive behind the price hike.

Picture courtesy: The Peninsula

By soorajjohns• 3 months 2 weeks ago.

What is the point of staying just alive if you are not living your life. Even junk food is a huge heath risk, why nobody is banning that ? Live & Let Live !! #QATAR

By mohdata• 3 months 2 weeks ago.

that's like saying 'woqod hikes fuel prices to reduce traffic"; hiking shisha prices will deter a grand total of zero people from smoking them :-)

By Molten Metal• 3 months 2 weeks ago.
Molten Metal

Ban is not a solution. Humans will be attracted more then before if ban a thing like this. We have a limited span, it gets affected by the state of our mind not the minor risks like this. Jealousy & ego and anger burn more blood than any smoke.

By britexpat• 3 months 2 weeks ago.

Surely a ban would be more appropriate if it was deemed a health risk

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