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Sports roundabout now partially open to traffic

By QLReporter

For anyone that has lived in Qatar long enough, the Olympic or Sports Roundabout was an easy landmark to refer to when explaining directions or complaining about traffic. This summer, the roundabout was effectively dismantled, but Ashghal has now opened the junction up for three lanes of traffic in each direction.

The roundabout in Al Sadd is being revamped to become a signalised intersection.

Phase 1 of the construction is now complete, with new traffic signals put up, and a drainage network installed along with upgraded utility pipes.

A u-turn lane and left-turn traffic signals make up the second phase of work over the coming weeks. Ashghal hopes to complete Phase 2 by next month. 

“Opening Phase 1 of the project provides the same level of traffic flow that the roundabout used to provide, but after completion of Phase 2, the traffic flow will be much better,” Ashghal has stated.

The intersection is scheduled to be completed in August 2018. Let's see how that pans out!


Picture courtesy: The Peninsula

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