Stop worrying, a tsunami is NOT going to hit GCC countries soon

By QLReporter

While the current climate in Qatar, which includes heavy rain and fiery cold waves, may be of some concern, one should not pay heed to rumours flying around social media channels.

It was only two days ago that an avalanche of messages flew across social media that people living in GCC countries should brace for a tsunami that is about to hit.

However, Qatar’s Metrology Department has flat out rejected the claim and said that there were no tsunami threats for Gulf countries, reported The Peninsula.

A lot of fake stories regarding the weather had been circulating on Arabic social media forums, and it prompted Qatar’s Met department to come out with an explanation.

One of the rumours said that a tsunami was about to hit GCC countries on Friday and that no one should go out of their houses on the day. Several fake news channels were quoted as saying that the waves could go as high as 10M.

The Met department clarified that only warnings issued through its official social media channels need to be taken seriously.

However, the weather bureau did warn users that there would be heavy rains and choppy seas and cautioned people from venturing out to sea ion Friday.

So don’t worry, that tsunami is not going to hit Qatar or other GCC countries anytime soon.

By mohdata• 1 year 2 months ago.

In the end it's all in God's hands; but I have seen many documentaries on nat geo or discovery where the world's best engineers and geologists have spoken about the natural stability of the gcc terrain... The waters are calm and shallow and for this reason, even if a tsunami were to approach the gulf from elsewhere, it would very quickly lose most of its force and speed before making landfall... Further, the gcc does not lie on any significant geological cracks/fault lines and the sub terrain tectonic activity is low... The gcc is one of the few areas on earth where these massive and ambitious construction projects, like all the man made islands in the sea and tall buildings, can be even attempted...Inshallah no tsunami will make its way here but at the same time, to say it definitely won't happen is to play god... They boasted that the titanic was unsinkable and we know how that scene ended...

By britexpat• 1 year 2 months ago.

This is comforting..please keep us informed daily so we can take precautions and learn to drive safely

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