Strong winds and dusty weather expected over the weekend

By QLReporter

Anyone with allergies will know that this time of year tends to be something of a trial, with warm wind and dust storms stirring up viral spores that have more than a few of us coughing and sneezing.

Unfortunately, this weekend will not be a departure from the norm. Strap on your mask or keep your car windows rolled up because the Qatar Meterological Department has predicted strong winds in most areas of Qatar over this weekend, and poor visibility due to dust and haze today.

Humidity in most areas including Dukhan will remain above 50% over the next three days, so wear light clothing. Summer is truly upon us after all!

 Photo Credit: NRI Cafe


By Sense Mine• 1 year 4 days ago.
Sense Mine

am praying for the rain..:)

By britexpat• 1 year 6 days ago.

Can't wait for the daily updates

By Lucky Luciano• 1 year 6 days ago.
Lucky Luciano

What is the meaning of "will remain above 50% over the next three days" ?

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