Tinting violations most common offence as traffic police seize 1,300 cars in a month

By QLNews

Traffic cops in Qatar have started taking strict action against rule violators. In the last month, almost 1,300 vehicles were seized for flouting rules.

A great many of the seized vehicles were done so for not adhering to the country’s rules in the tinting of glasses, Traffic Investigations Department’s First Lieutenant Saad Talal Al Rumaihi told Qatar Tribune.

The official said that tinting of glass endangered lives on the roads and that motorists should be aware of the perils of the practice.

Al Rumaihi said that the traffic department would soon start using a smart device to seize cars from houses for violations. The electronic device connected to the General Directorate of Traffic will track and locate violating vehicles parked at homes.

The device will help avoid paper transactions, speedy completion of the task, and locating parked vehicles involved in traffic offence.

Al Rumaihi also appealed to motorists to be extra careful during the camping season. He pointed out that traffic patrols are present on all roads and in all areas.

By mohdata• 2 months 2 weeks ago.

Front and rear windshields along with front driver and passenger window is 10%... Rear passenger windows can be 100%.. all this only with the required police permission and installation from the authorised and licensed tinting brands like platinum, alnahdi, titanium, 3m and others... i bought my car from a police officer and my registration card mentions rear passenger windows as permitted to tint; for all windows I'll need to get the required permission or keep the tinting shop bill in the car... That's what they said...

By Richard Cranium• 2 months 2 weeks ago.
Richard Cranium

I have tinting installed all around. The front windshield is only clear but offers very high UV protection. The front windows are at 10-15% and the back are dark. Had go pay for the authorization on my vehicle prior to having the tint installed. I believe mostly the LN's are the ones with the complete dark tint around the vehicle. Most are members of the police so will be interesting to see how this plays out. Believe it will be "EXPAT do as I say, LN, it is not a problem".

By dph_poenja• 2 months 2 weeks ago.

So what is the official rule? the other day, met someone from the army, claiming a "little" tinting is allowed even without permit. I think he claimed 10% front windows, and 20% rear windows. I was under the impression that without applying for it, you cannot have any tinting at all.

By mohdali1600• 2 months 2 weeks ago.

hey @acchabaccha I have the same concerns and ask the same questions. not only is the front windshield but even the front side windows and back windshields are tinted soooooo black that i wonder how these people drive!! i have heard that they do this due to because they want privacy. But is privacy more important than One's Safety and other road users Safety? I don't think so. Also most cars with almost black tinting are new so they need not be inspected for 3 years. after which they need to go for vehicle inspection at Fahes from where they get caught for tinting. Also there are some vehicles which are not inspected but still run around with almost black tinting. btw i do wonder about the owners of these 1300 cars.

By acchabaccha• 2 months 2 weeks ago.

One of the very unusual things with regards to tinting of glasses in vehicles which makes me really wonder why it is allowed, is the tinting of the front windshield. I do not know if it is legal but with so many cars on the road with tinted front windshields and no one stop them. I believe it must be legal. I keep asking myself how could drivers manage to see through tinted front windshields during the night especially in areas which have little or no street lights? Frankly, I cannot see the driver from the outside. As a person who has been driving for so many years, I make sure the front windshield of my car is always clean to allow for perfect visibility. Yes, it does make a difference in driving and in safety.

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