Two new bridges open to connect Al Wakra Road to Al Matar Street

By QLReporter

Thanks to Qatar’s Public Works Authority, Ashghal, two new bridges connecting Al Wakra Road to Al Matar Street have been opened. The bridges are on Airport interchange (49), and directly connect northbound and southbound traffic from the two roads.

This allows drivers commuting from Al Wakra to Doha to come directly north towards City Centre and the Corniche, and is set to provide a new way by the F Ring Road to Hamad International Airport.

Commuters going south from Doha to Al Wakra should have a smoother journey too thanks to direct connectivity, and will also have access to the westbound G Ring Road.

Traffic on Al Wakra Road 

Asghal will close the existing diversion route from Al Wakra Road to Ras Abou Abboud Road so that they may complete construction and create additional connectivity on Airport Interchange (49). You may be familiar with this diversion route because it has been around since construction of the G Ring Road began. A new and hopefully more effective route provided Airport Interchange (49) will take its place.  

The proposed road closure is set to be tomorrow, on 14th September 2017, and is designed in coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic.

Ashghal is planning to install advance signage to advise motorists of the road changes so that no one is taken by surprise. They have requested all drivers to stick to the speed limit, which is still at 80 kph, and follow the road signs to make sure they stay safe.



Cover photo courtesy: Ashghal

Inline photo courtesy: The Peninsula

By ani_chy• 7 months 1 week ago.

It is great news that the road to Airport Interchange (49) and subsequently onward to F-ring road and others are now free to use. I have used it, and found it helpful. However, the signaled junctions between the Corniche Road junction, and the Souq Waqif junction may need some regulating in order to avoid culminating traffic jams in that street... just my opinion as I felt..

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