What is the ‘QGate’ sign posted on the February 22 road? The mystery deepens!

By QLReporter

If you are an avid follower of social media in Qatar, you may have come across the photo of a ‘QGate’ symbol, printed atop a billboard on the February 22 road.

It took social media by storm, and people have been theorising about what it may mean. While one group feels Qatar is soon going to introduce road taxes, another group thinks it could be something else altogether. 

The signs have been posted in both directions on the February 22 Road near the Midmac bridge, reported The Peninsula.

In a report, Al Watan Newspaper quoted Ashghal as saying that they had not installed the structures and that they were not responsible for the setting up of the road signs.

@MarsalQatar, a popular Twitter account in Qatar with 1,30,000 followers, said the newly installed QGates was a project by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and that it would become operational within four to six years, after the completion of all state infrastructure projects.

Another popular Twitter handle, @NadeebQa, which boasts of almost 100,000 followers, tweeted that the plan was to charge a toll on the road after the completion of parallel streets.

It initiated a debate on social media, with some people siding with the idea of a fee and others opposing it vehemently.

However, no official announcements have been made about it so far. Until there is an official announcement, it will continue to be a hot topic of discussion among Qatar’s public.

We will update this space as soon as we have more info about it.

By pioneerpec• 3 weeks 2 days ago.

Let the mystery deepens!

Who cares....

Only the empty mind is devils workshop

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