Qatar Entrepreneurship Awards recognises country’s promising business start-ups

Qatar Entrepreneurship Awards recognises country’s promising business start-ups

By QLNews

Qatar University recognised the country’s best young business minds during the Qatar Entrepreneurship Awards on Thursday.

A host of founders of start-up companies, which could have a profound impact on society in the coming months and years, were awarded for their out-of-the-box thinking and entrepreneurial spirit.

Here is the list of winners and a brief write-up on their fields of expertise.

Khalifa Saleh Haroon

Haroon is the Founder and CEO of, I Love Qatar (ILQ) Network, RaqamiTV and Store 974. He studied commercial law at the Anglia Ruskin University and law at the University of Essex (Law) in the UK.

He helped build RaqamiTV into one of the largest Arabic tech channels in the world. Store974, which caters to gaming fans, has also been deemed a success.   

Dr Kholoud Mohammed Abdulla

Dr. Kholoud is the founder of GeneDose, a leading Qatari startup which recently won the prestigious ROWAD Healthcare Hackathon. Genedose, which pushes for personalized medicine and prioritizing patient-centered care, is considered very promising.

Dr Kholoud is a professional expert in clinical pharmacy and pharmacogenomics, being the first Qatari specialist in this field. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Jordan University in 2006 and a Master’s in Clinical Pharmacy from Queen’s University Belfast, UK, in 2014.

In 2021, she took her PhD in Genomic and Precision Medicine, specifically focusing on pharmacogenomics, at HBKU. 


Launched in August 2022, Bonocle is a braille-based education and entertainment platform for the visually impaired.

A portable, handheld device, Bonocle is designed with a ‘braille cell,’ which consists of three buttons and different haptics that enable users to interpret the contents of any electronic device through the braille medium. The gadget helps visually impaired people to read, write, count, take measurements, and even play games.

Ramzan Al Naimi

Ramzan Al Naimi started his career 22 years ago working at Al Jazeera Network, but he started his entrepreneurial journey after only two years at the media house.

Delving into various projects, Ramzan was unable to find his calling and it was his launching of the Innovation Café that helped him achieve his dreams. His knowledge and experience, accumulated over many years, is now helping entrepreneurs of all ages. The Innovation Café is the only café in Doha that offers a designated space for creative thinkers, who are looking for a resourceful platform, which provides flexibility to work on their projects, while enjoying a cup of freshly prepared coffee.


Voltaat, first launched in 2016 as Arduiely, has helped more than 2000 makers in Qatar build projects for their university courses, product development, DIY projects, and even art.

Created by a team of engineers, Voltaat is focused on empowering all makers to build their projects within their budget and time. Makers are helped every step of the way to help make their dream project a reality.


BuildHop is a B2B platform that helps buyers and sellers of construction materials to connect and get things they need in a time-bound manner.

All materials one would need to build — from woods to paints and electrical to plumbing — BuildHop will deliver in just a few clicks of the button.

They also provide industry analytics and tools for better decisions and saves many hours a day with integrations. BuildHop helps suppliers digitize and transition into the online space.

Torba Market

Torba is an Arabic word which means ‘the pure soil that feeds, nourishes and nurtures.’ Taking the spirit of the word in all its essence, Torba Market cuartes for buyers the finest local and regional fruit and vegetables.

A Qatar-based initiative, Torba is a unique platform that offers locally grown produce, artisanal goods, and traditional therapeutic remedies made from local herbs and plants year-round through the Torba Store, online shop, and at the seasonal markets.

Torba Market aim to be a gateway toward sustainable and healthy living, supporting mindful Qataris and residents on health and wellness journeys, and building a community of like-minded people who believe in preserving earth now and for the future.

Digital Petroleum

Digital Petroleum is a Saudi-based company, the first-of-its-kind which specializes in digital solutions for the energy sector.


Cytomate is a Doha-based Cybersecurity company that is working with multiple private and government entities.

Researchers at the company’s Cytomate Lab — Red Teamers, SOC Analysts, Deception Experts, Reverse Engineers — work around the clock on different projects and it has helped Cytomate grow from strength-to-strength. It has been delivering superior and hassle-free security services to multiple entities.


The At-Home-Doc app offers a comprehensive yet outreach primary healthcare medical service platform that utilizes the latest state-of-the-art and bespoke healthcare technologies in providing a patient-centric, world-class, and evidence-based medical practice.

At-Home-Doc offers the convenience of seeing a highly qualified, experienced, and accredited doctor without the need to leave your premises. The doctors are on the road and ready to attend to patients at their premises.

The Doctors will be able to conduct comprehensive medical examinations and prescribe the first doses of medications. The electronic prescription system will also deliver the medications to your doorstep with clear instructions for administering the correct dosage.

C Wallet

C Wallet Services is a Fintech startup that provides payroll, payment, and remittance services. Allowing users to receive their salary on time, providing access to e-commerce platforms so that users can buy and pay online even without having a bank. Daily needs like groceries and medicines can be delivered to their family’s doorstep if requested and ultimately, send money home anytime and anywhere.

It provides financial services for the unbanked and low-income migrant workers, domestic helpers, and blue-collar workers. It is a cross-border remittance mobile application that is fast and secure.


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