Take a Ride on Qatar's First Self-Driving E-Bus

Take a Ride on Qatar's First Self-Driving E-Bus

By QLNews

The Ministry of Transport and Mowasalat (Karwa) are inviting the community to join a demo week showcasing Qatar's inaugural self-driving electric bus (E-Bus). This initiative underscores Qatar's dedication to innovation, safety, and environmental responsibility within its transportation industry.

Everyone can enjoy a ride on the self-driving E-Bus daily from 8 am to 4 pm till February 22, 2024, . The route in Qatar Foundation’s Education City is a loop with 9 important stops from Qatar National Library Metro Station to Northwestern University in Qatar. You can hop on and off to explore the key attractions of the area at your own pace. An expert will be on board to answer all your questions about how it works and its positive impact on the environment.

The autonomous E-Bus represents a significant step forward in combining technology with environmental responsibility. This bus is powered by clean electric energy, ensuring zero emissions, and contributing to Qatar's goals for a sustainable future. With advanced onboard sensors, high-definition cameras, lasers, and ultrasonic radars, the E-Bus promises a new benchmark in transport safety and efficiency. The officials have informed that they will hold demonstrations in other safe locations soon.

On this occasion, Mesned Al-Misned, Project Manager, Public Transport Affairs Dept., MOT, said, “This step comes in the context of carrying out several Ministry of Transport’s strategies, most importantly, the strategy for gradual and full-scale transitioning to electric transit system, and the Autonomous Vehicles Strategy that aims at supporting the rollout of smart, environment-conscious transportation systems to achieve numerous benefits such as lower energy and fuel consumption, less harmful emissions and carbon footprints, less traffic accidents, and better quality of life, in step with the goals of the QNV2030 and Qatar's National Environment and Climate Change Strategy (QNE). The MOT will continue efforts to further develop the transportation and mobility system, supporting all economic and service sectors in Qatar and leaving a sustainable legacy for generations to come.” 

Ahmed Al-Binali, Mowasalat (Karwa) Public Transport Director, expressed his pride in pushing the country’s ecological agenda and cooperating with the Ministry of Transport and Qatar Foundation in this groundbreaking project. “The opportunity to experience an autonomous E-Bus is a milestone in our common journey towards a sustainable and innovative transportation ecosystem. We are not just testing a new vehicle; we are inviting the public to witness the future of e-mobility,” he added.

Hamad Al-Kuwari, Executive Director of City Operations, Qatar Foundation, said, “At Qatar Foundation, we believe sustainability isnot just a choice, but a commitment to the future. Through strategic partnerships, exemplified by our collaboration with Mowasalat (Karwa), we are actively educating and empowering community members across Qatar to embrace their role as champions of sustainability. Together, we are equipping our society with the knowledge and tools that can enable us to collectively move towards a greenerfuture.”

The demo week engages school and university students to spark community engagement at a grassroot level. It shall be followed by further cooperation  projects to shape a more environmentally conscious approach towards daily transportation.



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