Your Guide to Qatar’s Top Attraction and Events this Eid

Your Guide to Qatar’s Top Attraction and Events this Eid

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Spending this Eid in Qatar? Get ready for a fantastic holiday filled with a variety of events and attractions for the entire family. Enjoy a blend of immersive experiences, thrilling theme park rides, lively beach festivals, and exciting concerts. Qatar has a multitude of festive options to make your Eid celebrations memorable.

Dive into this guide for the top activities and entertainment choices to enjoy this holiday season.

Atlantis Immersive Experience

Journey into the depths of the legendary Atlantis with the "Atlantis - The Immersive Odyssey." This extraordinary experience spans three captivating realms, each vividly bringing to life the rich history and mystique of Atlantis. The state-of-the-art VR facility, covering 1000 sqm, offers stunning visuals and groundbreaking technology, providing participants with an unparalleled journey into an ancient world filled with breathtaking landscapes and thrilling adventures. Whether you’re looking for an educational trip or a fantastical escape, Atlantis promises a seamless blend of virtual and physical realities, perfect for family outings.

  • Location: Msheireb Galleria
  • Tickets: From QAR 129
  • Timings: 10 am onwards

Salwa Beach Fest

Celebrate Eid with a festive splash at the Salwa Beach Fest, hosted at the luxurious Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas. Enjoy a day brimming with live music, delicious food from a variety of stalls, exciting activities for kids, and the serene setting of the beach and pool. This is sure to be a fun-filled day for families and friends, making it an ideal way to enjoy the holidays amidst sun, sand, and entertainment.

  • Date: June 21, 2024
  • Location: Hilton Salwa Beach Resort and Villas
  • Tickets: QAR 200 (Fully redeemable at food stalls; Free for children under 3)
  • Timings: 10 am onwards

Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park

Prepare for a thrilling day at Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park, one of the largest theme parks in the Middle East, located within the Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas. The park boasts 19 exhilarating attractions and 30 rides and slides, including the spectacular King Cobra. Beyond the general admission, visitors can also access additional adventure attractions such as canyoning, diving, go-karting, and laser tag, each promising a unique blend of excitement and adventure. This is perfect for you if you are seeking high-octane fun and memorable family moments.

  • Location: Abu Samra
  • Tickets: QAR 195 (Adults), QAR 150 (Kids)
  • Timings: 10 am onwards

Doha Quest

Step into a world of wonder at Doha Quest. This innovative park offers a themed journey through three distinct time dimensions: the past (Oryxville), present (City of Imagination), and future (Gravity). With over 30 rides and attractions, including adrenaline-fueled thrill rides, media-controlled simulators, and immersive VR experiences, Quest promises an unforgettable adventure. Highlights include the Epiq Coaster, the tallest indoor roller coaster, and the Magma Blast, the tallest indoor drop tower ride. For Eid, enjoy the spectacular dance performance by V. Unbeatable from America's Got Talent.

  • Location: Al Khaleej Street, Doha Oasis, Msheireb
  • Tickets: QAR 235 (Adults), QAR 160 (Kids)
  • Timings: 2 pm onwards

Meryal Waterpark

Dive into a world of excitement at Meryal Waterpark, Qatar’s newest and largest waterpark. Spanning 6 acres, the park offers 53 thrilling slides and a total of 69 attractions. The iconic highlight is the towering Icon Tower, the world's tallest waterpark tower with two Guinness World Record attempts. After exhilarating rides, visitors can unwind on the beachfront or indulge in various food outlets spread across the park. Meryal promises a day of sun, fun, and unforgettable water adventures for the whole family.

  • Location: Meryal Waterpark
  • Tickets: QAR 260 (Adults), QAR 225 (Kids)
  • Timings: 10 am onwards


Escape the summer heat at InflataCity, the world’s largest indoor inflatable park. This massive venue spans 30,000 sqm and offers a vast inflatable obstacle course that guarantees hours of fun for both kids and adults. The indoor space also features a vibrant food court, engaging carnival games, and much more. Combining the thrill of inflatable playgrounds with the excitement of a carnival, InflataCity is an ideal destination for an action-packed, family-friendly day out.

  • Location: QNCC Hall 3-8
  • Tickets: QAR 75
  • Timings: 1 pm onwards

Arab Musical Concerts

Celebrate the rich musical heritage of the Arab world with live performances at QNCC. Enjoy tributes to iconic Arab melodies and artists in two special concerts.

  • Location: QNCC Al Mayassa Theatre
  • Tickets: From QAR 200
  • Timings: 8 pm

Zikra Remains: A tribute featuring Asma Lmnawar and Oumaima Taleb.

    • Date: June 18, 2024

Lailat El Zaman El Jameel: Featuring Mai Farouk and Riham AbdelHakim.

    • Date: June 19, 2024

Angry Birds & Snow Dunes

Enjoy double the fun at Doha Festival City with Angry Birds World and Snow Dunes. At Angry Birds World, indulge in interactive games, rides, and attractions designed for both kids and adults. Meanwhile, Snow Dunes offers a cool escape with temperatures as low as -4°C, featuring a range of icy adventures, including slides, snow guns, wall-climbing, and an ice-skating rink.

  • Location: Doha Festival City
  • Tickets: Angry Birds - From QAR 100; Snow Dunes - From QAR 149
  • Timings: 1 pm onwards


Eid Staycations

Craving a getaway without leaving Qatar? Many local hotels offer fantastic staycation deals that go beyond just a room stay. Enjoy a variety of entertainment options designed to give you a refreshing break from your routine. Treat yourself to a memorable stay at your favorite hotel this Eid and enjoy a well-deserved escape.


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