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By aamiralvihashmi

Aoa any body there guide me, I want do import business in Qatar from Pakistan . I dnt have clearance and import laws knowledge in Qatar  .. I randomly visiting Qatar  from last few years


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By pioneerpec• 1 month 1 week ago.

Dear acchabaccha:

Thank you for the clarification.

Many things are clear now

By acchabaccha• 1 month 1 week ago.

Dear pioneerpec: You are lost, totally lost. You live in another world which is nowhere near reality.

Case 1: OPIUM:

With a long-stretching porous border with Afghanistan, it was easy for Pakistan to be conduit for trade in drugs. But that was decades back when there were hardly any forces present at Pak-Afghan border. But all that has changed now. While there are now many check posts for keeping an eye on both illegal smuggling and especially checking the inflow of terrorists, Pakistan being a conduit for drugs is now a thing of the past. You have given a link in your post supporting your view. Please, please, please take out the time to read the date when that article was posted on the website. It says 1985. Just wished to let you know this 2-0-1-9. You are ONLY 34 years behind time. Try bringing yourself up to modern times and live in "today's world." If just one Pakistani is addicted to drugswhom you happened to meet, you cannot use him as a yardstick to brand ALL Pakistanis as drug addicts. Just to update you, opium is not cultivated in Pakistan. The climate of the country does not support this crop.

Case 2:

The link to Malala that you have provided is of 2013. Those were the days when those areas were known as the "tribal areas" of Pakistan. The areas were the hotbed of terrorist activities. But then, as I have stated earlier, the Pakistan army finally took on those terrorists, killed them, destroyed their hideouts, their infrastructure and forced them to flee. The tribal areas don't exist anymore. Schools have opened up now even for girls in those areas which never existed for centuries. My request to you is not to live in 2013 but to move with the times and live in 2019.

Case 3:

When Osama was located and killed, the US forces "intruded" into Pakistan in the darkness of the night in their helicopters. They flew in from Afghanistan. US forces were not present in Pakistan. Please correct your information. I stand by my statement that there are no foreign forces present in Pakistan.

Case 4:

It made me laugh after reading your comment. It shows how little you know of Doha and its Pakistani population. Let me tell you. Just about 50 years back, many Pakistanis came over to Doha on steamboats. Yes, really! It was easy as from the province of Baluchistan, Qatar is just about 300 kms away by sea routs. They landed with no passports or visas! I met several of them. Later on this was followed by labour force mostly coming from Baluchistan and the Northern Province of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. The people from these provinces set up their own businesses in Qatar. They are all basically from the labour group, and are not well educated. You have just formed your "narrow" opinion of Pakistanis from this small lot of people you have met so far. You never met me or people of my like in Doha. You don't get to see many educated and well-qualified Pakistanis because for several years the Qatari government was not issuing any Pakistani visas. In 2010, I got to know that a Pakistani "free visa" was costing QR 60,000 each in the black market! Nobody bought one. Furthermore, Indians occupying major posts never want a Pakistani in their office. It is as bad as that! Just go around a major supermarket LuLu and find out if they have ANY Pakistani working there. You will get to see just Indians, Filipinos and Nepalis in their staff. Indians don't hire Pakistanis.

Lastly, I suggest you either visit Pakistan sometime and see for yourself the beauty and progress of this country or keep yourself abreast with developments and progress the country has made.

To add to your information, we recently we shot down two of your fighter jets in our skies. Believe me, we did not use slingshots to achieve that feat.

You are just 20 years behind, pioneerpec, just 20 years!

By pioneerpec• 1 month 1 week ago.

Dear acchabaccha

I wish Pakistan was like that. But reality is something else.



It is mentioned...Pakistan has become a key country for the heroin trade; it is not only a producer but a conduit as well. (authorities are concerned about a fast growing local addiction problem)

And my friend pakistani..told me..uska bhai powder khake dimaag out reality is that it is there...


Remember Malala: The girl who was shot for going to school


US military shot Osama in Pakistan and Pakistan Military had no idea of it and citizens claim there is no US Military in pakistan..shame..


Pakistan have progressed but not pakistanis. Simply take a survey of the pakistanis in Doha. Atleast 70% are not in labour category..To know progress of pakistan..a survey should not be conducted in Pakistan..but in doha..which will reveal the real output..

Finally there is nothing good in hiding reality . We need to understand our mistakes and work for the better.

I reiterate I love pakistan and pakistanis..but I want them to progress. A day should come atleast in the next 5 years when 70% pakistanis will be in the Technical fiels with huge salaries , so that I no more worry of their present condition.

By acchabaccha• 1 month 1 week ago.

pioneerpec: It was good to note your views on Pakistan. It simply reflects how many people like you carry so much wrong notions about Pakistan. This is because of the hyped information about this country projected through the powerful media which plays on the gullible minds of the common man. You have given me the opportunity to take the cap of my pen. I will make an "effort" to correct some of the many misconceptions about this country people carry in their minds.

True there are Indians who like Pakistan. I like many Indians also. My neigbours are all Indians and we live in an atmosphere of friendship, cooperation and understanding. My best friend in Doha is an Indian. The issue of hatred develops when politics and politicians get involved. They simply mess up things. Only yesterday the current PM of India has used the Hindu card to create divisions in a "secular" country, just to get some votes and win elections.

You talk about so many social problems in Pakistan such as poverty and illiteracy. But these social problems are prevalent in India as well and also in many "developed" countries. As I see it, the banishment of poverty is merely a subject of speech for politicians when they address political gatherings in your country as well as mine. In Pakistan, I do not know of any political leader who has risen from the ground root level. Yet they talk openly about poverty and its pangs. Poverty is centuries old phenomenon. It has existed in the past. It will continue to do so in the future. Let this subject be the talk of politicians.

When you talk of female education in Pakistan, you are simply in the dark as to what is taking place. Almost all girls throughout the country go to school. Possibly, you may have based your thinking on some very small groups which believe that educating females in un-Islamic. Those groups form a minuscule fraction of the population and they too are now changing their views.

You talk of a foreign forces in our country. There are no foreign troops in Pakistan. If by the term "foreign troops" you mean the "terrorists", then they have been taken care of. Yes, Pakistan went through a very difficult phase when terrorists attacked at some place almost twice a week for several years. These attackers chose to hit places known as "soft targets" such as mosques, churches and schools where they could cause maximum loss of human lives. But that ended when the Pakistan army came out and took these terrorists head on after an attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar. In the ensuing battle with an unseen, hidden enemy, the regular troops of the Army suffered over 3000 casualties, more than what takes place in an actual war. The terrorist were killed, their infrastructure destroyed or they ran way to another country. Through the years, the actions of terrorist resulted in loss of 70,000 innocent lives in the country.

As for drug abuse, there is no place in Pakistan where opium gets cultivated. All drugs flowing into Pakistan are smuggled in from Afghanistan. But that happens with other countries as well.

Pakistan is not what you see in Doha. It is a country that has achieved tremendous growth and progress since its independence. It has top-ranking hospitals and educational centres. It builds its own battle tanks, fighter aircraft and missiles. Not to add that it is a nuclear power. The only major tragedy with the country has been that it never got any "genuine" leader. All those who came into power, simply looted the country and built up their bank accounts in overseas countries.

While India does boast of constructing the world's largest statue costing millions of dollars and knocking out a satellite in space, but right at the footstep of that statue there are hundred thousands of people who do not have a toilet in their home. Was the construction of the statue more important than the missing toilets in Indian homes?

There are major problems on both sides of the border. They may vary in nature, but they exist in reality.

By pioneerpec• 1 month 1 week ago.

Also regarding the financial, to open a company you need so much capital. For the steps I mentioned below expenses is between 8000 to 20000.

However dont forget the recurring expenses such as minimum 8000 for a shop or minimum 2300 for an office.

This will aggregate for 96,000 to 30,000...Also you need to pay recurring Sponsorship fees, Electricity water bill, pay for visa fees, etc.

So as per my view..if you have the capacity to vanish QAR 100,000/- and still have QAR 25,000 to spend ...go ahead..otherwise you will end up in trouble..

But I have a small advise. Which is a work around to handle your dreams..

Approach a friend who already has a company. Simply add that activity to his CR. For example you want to bring bags from pakistan..then add that activity for Shantha in can pay your friend a small commission of profits which he may accept..and you have lot of money this way... Please note that all money you get will first go to his account..If your friend is a cheat, you will not get any money..that is the risk.

By pioneerpec• 1 month 1 week ago.


I will explain. To start import export business in Qatar

You need to open a company.

Following are the steps:

1) Get a sponsor whom you trust

2) Obtain a name for your company. If it has arabic name it is free..english name only will cost 1000 riyal extra

3) Get Articles of Association of Ministry of Legal signed by sponsor and partner at Government service centre

4) Choose activity which you want...for example you want to import bags...then choose that activity to be added in CR. What ever you want add each in CR. Each activity has a separate fees. So what you want to should think and add.

5) Include the needed activity and Apply for CR (Commercial Registration) and Tax Card

5) Pay for CR and Get CR.

6) Search for an office and get rent agreement signed by Landlord.

7) Obtain baladiya Approval

8) Issue Computer card and Trade License

9) Apply for visa and bring in people who you can trust to join your company.

You are ready to bring in items to doha. Some items has custom fees. Upon receipt they will charge you and you need to pay. Some items need to be cleared by Ministry of Health, some Ministry of Transport, some Ministry of Environment etc..

All these are general advises. If you need advice for a particular can ask specific questions

By pioneerpec• 1 month 1 week ago.


We indians love our pakistani brothers same as our family. Indeed it is the same family separated by politicians in between.

But is likely that Pakistan products are thereby simply kept is just because they dont match equivalent quality. Once I bought karachi biscuits from was so nice....but i was shocked to find that it was made in India :(

There are so many social problems inside pakistan:


Illiteracy ..(Women need to be educated as well)

Terrorism ... (A innocent person may become terrorist ...but root cause may be because of the American army attacking innocent civillians there... so you need to get the Foreign army out from your country...By God..if someone come to my house and kill my child or parents..I will also become terrorist,,it is universal you need to not kill the terrorist ..but the cause which is making him a terrorist)

Foreign debt

Drug abuse (Please stop cultivating opium, gaja, bhaang, heroin..)

So it is better pakistan solve all these problems and introduce more technical that I see a future generation of my pakistani brothers not as Truck drivers or scrap dealers or heavy equipment operators (Ofcourse each profession has their own dignity and I donot discriminate based on profession)...but I want to see the future pakistani brothers occupying engineering fields, medical fields, business Qatar.

Even my indian friend appreciated about his pakistani boss that he is so kind and nice and fearful to God.

Sorry for the hijack of topic.

By acchabaccha• 1 month 1 week ago.

You will face much difficulty in doing so. I have tried this out and ran into a stiff wall. The reason: In all leading importers of goods into Qatar especially consumer goods, the man heading the purchase and imports are all Indians. They just do not allow consumer goods from other countries to enter the Qatar market. Also, many of the supermarkets are owned by Indians. Take LuLu for example. Pakistan products are thereby simply kept out. The are just a few things from Pakistan that come into Qatar and they include Basmati rice, pickles, mangoes and kinnow. When the BJP government in India banned the slaughter of cows, beef imports from Pakistan began, But that is all.

I tried to meet the Purchase Manager of Al Rawabi Supermarket. I talked to him several times over the phone with regards to imports from Pakistan. Went over to his office. But he always avoided me.

The message was clear.

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