Finding construction work in Doha Qatar

By tasha4t

I have been offered a job in doha, and my husband is looking for work as a construction manager/junior construction manager. Does anyone know if there are specific qualifications required? He has construction management NVQ4, NEBOSH general certificate and is currently studying a masters degree in project management and approxiamtely 20 years experience in building and construction.
CAn anyone help? thanks

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By letmeoutofhere• 6 years 1 week ago.
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I know of people working that don't have a degree, but I think that is not the norm, as degree certificates (attested) normally form part of your application for Qatar Id (for management position) Is that the case with your own job and application? The one possible plus on your side is that you have a job and therefore he will be coming under your wing so to speak. In terms of construction management jobs, then try the Gulf Talent website. What sectors has the 20 years been spent on, as I could possibly point your in a particular direction?

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